What are you listening to?



Woah, thanks for the support @Jonny, @kirklandish, @Jonathan_Riley

My involvement here has been fairly minimal since joining, but I do intend to get more involved once I find the grounding and life balance to do so. I totally echo @stripes sentiments in her recent SOUND + PROCESS interview. Which, by the way: well-done, @Dan_Derks. So looking forward to listening to the other episodes.

And as for this topic, I’ve been deeply resonating with @marcus_fischer’s Loss lately.


Ahh, yes, @marcus_fischer’s new one is great! I am also listening to @analogue01’s new albums:

Two Pieces for a Temporary Connection:

Fousek / Hansen / Tellier-Craig : No Image In Particular

(also check out their first one as well!)




R beny - full blossom of the evening



a collection of disquiet junto contributions in memory of bassel khartabil.


I saw in Jakarta Post a few weeks ago that Dara Puspita is recording a new album. http://www.thejakartapost.com/life/2017/08/24/legendary-all-female-band-dara-puspita-back-in-recording-studio.html


Buchla Easel plus drums. Very fun and exciting album.


I was at that show. :slight_smile: Also got to see Dub Syndicate in Amsterdam in 2001.


I’m reliving OSB’s set at mutek montreal right now… great little time!! :slight_smile:


lucky you are my friend :slight_smile:




This !


@Scarez0r james is that you?


Quality stuff from the innovators.


I’d like to, but no, just a big fan. Probably should change my profile pic, it can be misleading. Sorry for raising your hopes tehn :wink:

Take care.



Can’t get enough of this Le Creuset record. Really imaginative and well executed concrete/noise/experimental electronics/electro acoustic.




Thanks for putting this back on my radar. I’m now deep down a minimal/dub techno rabbit hole… the deepest I’ve been in since the mid-90’s :slight_smile: Now I want to make some again…