What are you listening to?



80s melodrama courtesy of Vampire Stepdad


For some reason I’ve got it on heavy rotation, much to the chagrin of my wife and daughter and I think the birds.

(it’s worth noting this is the demo version of the song, superior to the album track IMO)


Listening to this truly great album on Naviar Records which came out last week.



It was mentioned earlier in the year but it’s worth mentioning again; the latest Visible Cloaks album, Reassemblage, is amazing. I can’t get enough <3


I went to the op-shop yesterday and found a pile of Phillip Glass CD’s for $1 each so I’m having a Glass fest on my headphones at work. The repitition is perfect for getting in the zone.

I’m liking this one…


Dub techno has that effect on me as well. Listen to it for a bit and then find myself in the studio putting kicks on every beat and cranking way too much delay and reverb.


@marcus_fischer magic album “Lowlands” bought from the nice project/label iikki


First listening sesh on my new/old tape recorder. Havnt listened to tapes since 1999. Artists are Sote and Lumisokea. Sounds pretty nice.


One of those days…


unknown pleasures by joy division


this is an insanely wonderful listen.


beautiful, very organic


This album upended my world when I was 16, a beacon for a lot of us midwesterners on and into the '90s. It still burns bright. RIP Grant Hart.


listening to this via youtube in insane excitement and celebration about RVNG doing a pauline anna strom double LP release… i will still continue to bin dig for the OG, though.


firmware flashing sountrack (1984 muji store music?)


its almost like the strings are slicing through the air. glad I clicked. will check for others. thanks


This sounds great! Thanks for the recommend. Numero Group did a IASOS collection that I bet you’d dig too.


i’m somehow mildly embarrassed to say i’ve been listening to “the revenant” score constantly. even in my sleeping imagination.

(the embarrassment itself is weird. two of my favorite glitch-workers with an orchestra and some damn fine engineering, john luther adams quotations, whats not to like?)

also naked aggression as per usual


I’ve not seen it but Sakamoto and Noto with an orchestra has me intrigued.