What are you listening to?



Yeah this is beautiful for sure, love the space he encourages. I’ll have to go check out his back catalogue now!


Love this!!


Agree! I can recommend the “where to be vol. 2”-tape as well, released on the same label. Unfortunately sold out, though.


Thanks i’ll check it out now. Seems i’m always too late to the tape party


powerful composition despite the subtlety of the sound.



This is great! The other track on the release is even more intense. From the same city as me, cool coincidence.

Listening to this one tonight, some good old Norwegian acoustic doom:


I’ve been listening to this all day. #2 (Luft) is amazing.



Twenty characters



Everywhere at the end of time by The Caretaker. Awesome ambience.


Yeah I’m listening to the Caretaker as well recently. It’s so wonderful. His newest releases (under his name) are excellent too.


Only discovered him through this album. A lot of great music to check out :slight_smile:




Man, I love this album so much. Been listening to it for so many years and still come back to it regularly.


I hadn’t for a couple years, putting it on felt like getting a beer with an old friend.


So true. The album feels like an old friend. So earnest and understanding.


https://christianloffler.bandcamp.com/album/a-forest really enjoying both of his albums recently.