What are you listening to?



Saw this on the MI forum. Beautiful album


@anzym Enjoyed this one, especially the track ‘Natty’. Thanks!

Listening to Ellen Arkbro today.

Minimal compositions in a similar vein as La Monte Young/Terry Riley, etc. The title track is recorded on a Sherer-Orgel dating back to 1624… wonderful sounds.


You’re welcome :wink:
I tried to find that Coltrane track but only found one by Pharoah Sanders … which album is it on ?


I think @Ammanuel simply misspoke. Coltrane never recorded a version of “The Creator has a Masterplan” and the album by Sanders on which that song was originally released (“Karma”) was released by “Impulse! Records”, so that’s pretty much exactly what they were talking about, just with the names swapped :slight_smile:

Also, that intro does indeed sound a bit like the intro to “The Creator has a Masterplan”. I really dig the whole album!


: blushing: Yes, Yes, it’s Sanders album. My mistake. It has been years.


correct. thank you for the correction


This has to be one of the slowest, juiciest blues performances ever. Wow. Thanks for sharing it.

I’ll admit I spent the first few minutes waiting for the drop.


It certainly is a slow-churner. But a very rewarding listen, if you have the patience. :slight_smile:


If you like the Ellen Arkbro release (with Zinc&Copper on brass) here’s more microtonal brass drone: MicroTub with Robin Hayward (from Zinc&Copper)


I’ll definitely check this out. Thanks for the tip!

Edit: Microtonal brass drone is now my favourite sub-genre!


I am following Carolina Eyck for quite a while evolving her youtube channel and l really like her wide spread collaborations. The tone of the bass guitar is great in this one. Plus Messiaen always affects something in me and is beautiful on the theremin…


i remember seeing robert perform as lichens back when i was in highschool with explosions in the sky and it blew my mind.


excellent! hes been releasing a lot of vinyl only records this last 2 years years which i’ve been buying


I’ve really been digging Tyshawn Sorey’s latest trio record. It’s an acoustic trio but with some electronic augmentation in there as well.


the discussion from last week.
Pharaoh Sanders - " the creator…"


New Nicola Ratti album - lots of dubby pinged filters:

New Koen Holtkamp double album, lots of interesting pattern repetitions and juxtapositions:


“hiss spun” by chelsea wolfe, “lack” by pan daijing and tons of old russian punk


Enjoyed all , especially, Vol. 2 of Beast’s pattern movement thru those three phases and ending quiet interestingly and delightfully. Thanks for sharing.



Listening to Drew McDowall tearing the roof off!