What are you listening to?



Working my way through Porya Hatami’s catalogue right now


The radio


+1 on that Robert Crouch CD. Gorgeous.

Today I’m mostly listening to:




Life On The Inside
by David Toop


A classic record! …


This one came up on shuffle yesterday whilst walking around - pretty sweet

Been rotating this one quite a bit again last couple of days, trying to figure out the production process


Yeah Continuum is insane. I remember the first time listening just being in awe and wondering the same thing about the production.



Yeah it’s difficult to just appreciate the art sometimes, being tainted by nerdiness. :slight_smile:


Haha yeah totally! Hard to just listen to music these days and just take it in with no extra thoughts. Anyways, that album was achingly beautiful regardless.


Motorik beats for a Saturday afternoon.


My kinda tempo, today


This today. Three times.

Mika Vainio + Ryoji Ikeda + Alva Noto Live 2002

Mind blown.





It’s such a pleasure to see people discovering this album. :grinning: I bought this when it was released and it made me rethink everything I thought about listening to and making music at the time.


Two fantastic improv-oriented albums I’ve stumbled across recently: