What are you listening to?



I just discovered Sparks last year and got really into this album too! I found out about them while watching this bat shit crazy movie called The Forbidden Room. They played this entire song in the movie:



Just started listening to this, but have been looking forward to it for months.





I just started listening to it today too… this guy is very good


Bass Clef Bells mix is great (if you’re partial to bells)


Listening to a bunch of Coil right now, but this song in particular was largely responsible for me deciding that synthesizers were my instruments of choice:

Notes via Thighpaulsandra: “I can check on the original files but I seem to recall Red Birds being sequenced on a Roland MC202 and MOTU DP on my Serge system and PPG Wave 2.2. Mellotron was a very sick 400. (I think very few of the notes worked). End freakout sounds like ARP 2600. Sleazy did the vocal treatment and some phasing with a Boss SE70.”


I’m listening to that one again, totally agree.

I don’t know how to describe the feeling, but it hits me like a truck.

Also love this track from the same album. The swelling has the rhythm of ocean waves. It makes me daydream.

Just listened to the new Nils Frahm record. The whole thing is excellent, but I’m especially pleased to hear a studio version of “All Melody” and “#2”, after watching this live performance countless times.


Love this! It’s wonderful!


wow, it’s been a while, I really miss Coil ;(

parts of this remind me of Bernard Xolotl’s early stuff

ok… not exactly the same, but takes me to a similar place


currently enjoying; David Edren - Electronic Gamelan Music (great if somewhat short release from 2017, I listen to much less contemporary music than I should)

Walter Smetak - Interregno (got original LP as birthday present… so unfortunate this has not been rereleased)

going back and listening to an old, old favorite Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra

Some incredibly beautiful 80’s stuff from Japan (hopefully someone reissues these soon!)

Satoshi Ashikawa - Still Way

World Standard - S/T



I’ve been listening to the new single by James Blake on repeat the last two days! Sososo good. Not even the biggest Blake fan, but this tune is the bomb! Dig the vocal chops.


This is a beautiful piece. (Not Knowing)


I saw him and his collaborator on the album play similar material a little over a year ago, don’t know if they still are, but it was really great. Live bass guitar, etc. Very different from his techno Profligate sets.


Blown away by the new Nils Frahm release. Some of the most incredible mixing/mastering work I’ve ever heard, and of course the music is top-notch.


Deep into the Sealed Knot the last day or two…

Also got the new Seth Chrisman/Nathan McLaughlin and Tashi Dorji/David Grubba tapes in the mail. :slight_smile:


recently relistened to the two Sealed Knot discs I have and a few solos from Wastell. good scene.


Today, I bought the new album of Nils Frahm and the one from Rupert Lally, I don’t want to compare both but I can say that I enjoyed the one from Rupert way more!


Senking: Closing Ice
Miwon: Jigsawtooth

Both worth a look.