What are you listening to?



Keep coming back to this one:


Reminds me of when Mark Wastell still had his physical record shop. Must have been 15 or so years ago and I was working shifts at the time. I would make the trek up to North London during the week when things were quiet. I’d mention a band/artist name I’d read about and he’d dig out a load of other things for me to listen to/buy that were similar or related. I miss that kind of experience.


Yeah, there was a shop like that in the mid-late 90s here in Louisville that was special in that regard. Nothing can beat those kinds of conversations at record shops :slight_smile: BUT, I guess that’s what this thread is trying to do.


ear x-tacy? liked that shop but the earliest I made it there was probably ~2002


Well, that was a great shop too, but it was a bit more of a big operation so there are fewer specific memories. Lots of rock dudes worked there and were helpful though - Kevin Coultas (Rodan/Rachels), Chris Higdon (Elliott/Falling Forward), Benny Clark (Falling Forward), and more I’m sure I’m forgetting. That said, my more specific memories involved a space called Ground Zero further up the strip run by one dude named Ed. It was mostly supported by the hardcore scene, but the owner was so done with that scene ha he got super cranky and burned out. He hipped me to stuff like Steve Reich, Fahey, Sun City Girls, and the Münich scene (Hausmusik, Notwist, etc.). It was more of a conversation there I guess. Pulling out records to let me listen, story telling…

EDIT: I totally spaced that Jason Noble (Rodan/Rachels) worked at EarXTacy too…doh! Hard to forget his presence there for many years. Gosh, so many good folks worked there though…Todd Cook (Crain/Slint reformed/Papa M), …Joey Mudd from Crain too…doh!


Very true.
After I hit reply, I started thinking about the fact that a lot of those conversations have now moved to online spaces such as here. Parallel to the changes in the way music is distributed/listened to that have happened over the last 15 years or so in many ways.


as someone who worked at an indie record store for a decade, I definitely miss those in-person interactions. online spaces like this helps, but it will never replace discussing everything from Dead C’s catalog to hockey to politics etc in a matter of 3 minutes :wink:


I haven’t been able to take this one off the turntable for a few days now:


old ragtime hits:


reprehensible … and still love his works


Hooked on Amina Claudine Myers! Just picked this one up:


Zoning out to this @whitenoises piece.


Enjoying these outtakes from Radboud Mens & Frans De Waard’s 2007 microwave collab. (& the original)


Returning to Roedelius’ Selbstportrait series. So essential… a return to the absolute origins of music … most done with only Farfisa…


That was one of my first tour gems I found at Reckless in Chicago in maybe 04. Remarkably good shape. Definitely a doozy of a record :slight_smile:


the new Palm record is totally insane, lighthearted, mathy, experimental, vaguely tropical(?) guitar-centric music. good write-up too. they’re touring now, if you’re free when they’re in your city you definitely won’t be disappointed by their live performance.



new retrospective album/comp from sound collage legend Noah Creshevsky is out today on Keith Rankin (aka Giant Claw)'s label Orange Milk. Beautiful artwork by Rankin as always.


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