What are you listening to?



8xCS (!) released on Hospital Productions. Beautifully bleak, dystopic electronics:


Holly Molly! bought it this morning because i saw it here. Two @rbeny releases in less than three months. Happiness.


“The Kid”, by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith surprised me. Rich, pure, poly-rhythmic wonder.


https://jojoabot.bandcamp.com/album/ngiwunkulunkulu “FUCK YOUR LAWS” is amazing.


Taylor Deupree, Fallen, new one on Spekk is really beautiful



Just listened to The Lost See on soundcloud. Very beautiful… thanks for the reminder Stephen!



sword heaven: entrance

this track by work/death, great as always


They were such an exceptional live band. Anyone know what they’ve been doing since?


Picked the above up in the Sale section of my local record store earlier today. This is an album I’ve liked for quite a while, but never got round to buying a copy until now.


Aleph-1 by Alva Noto. Wonderfully minimal. Also appropriately titled for this forum!


Yes! - I love this too. One of the best albums combining music and recording I’ve heard.


If you liked the Kirkis record, you’ll like this.
Not really the same thing, but emotionally in a similar space for me.



Rod Hamilton - Teal (2012)

kind of a Midori Takada + Congotronics thing, with digital layering/manipulations. “kind of” because it really has its own style, with occasional rough textures. anyone know/work with him? seems this should be more widely known!


groovy new album from Mukqs, i always love his releases.


A bit of classic Fennesz before work



Sword Heaven? AFAIK Mark still makes music periodically and runs a small farm in Columbus and Aaron changed his name and is a raw, vegan chef out west. I would be sort of surprised to see Aaron doing the angry screaming band thing again but :man_shrugging:. Mark did have another album of SH material assembled I thought but I don’t know what happened with that.


Found this lil’ gem in the minimal mixers thread. :gem: