What are you listening to?







Right now I’ve got nts.live on, because Four Tet is live on there right now. I don’t often listen to music radio, I’ve got to be in right mind-set. But I’m very excited for a Four Tet set.


Found a bunch of Entr’acte promos in a cupboard at work a while back so snatched them for myself :slight_smile:

Got this one on the go at the moment:


Love this guy. First time I heard his disintegrating tape vocals I was immediately hooked.


terrifying and fascinating


With sadness:


Absolutely, shitty day. Its been 3 terrible weeks… so many great people passed.


I recently discovered Patricia’s work.

There’s a spectacular sense of melancholy and atmosphere in every track. A lot if it is made with modular gear as well making it very inspiring for my own work.

This track is a particular favorite. The way the crisp high hats slice over the haunting pad in the background gives me chills.


Body Issues is a classic! :slight_smile:


A powerful message from Ursula Le Guin:

Rest in peace.


Thanks @whitenoises for turning me on (via YouTube) to this Terry Riley piece. What a lovely piece of music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRaa34E8tXQ


“To Feel Your Best” is probably among my 10 favorite songs by anyone, ever. she’s really amazing.


all smiles over here

does it get any better than kirkis doing his best aphex impression?
no, it doesn’t



yes! absolute belter, that.




I love this one:


I sometimes find the processes behind John Zorn’s music more interesting than the actual music itself. But, Naked City always gets it right :slight_smile:
The soundtrack to moving stuff around in my music room this afternoon.