What are you listening to?



Great stuff. Thanks for posting!

Currently revisiting the strange universe of Lutto Lento


Just received this nice tape


shut up and sell me that tape recorder :smile:


Wanted to share this 1 hr mix of wrong speed music and world wide dance oldies mix for Born Free Records which has all sorts of things going for it.

For the past few months Daniel has been doing work at Snickars Records in Stockholm price marking records from the storage shelves. This is a slice of what he’d keep for himself, rpm and pitch generously dialed in to taste. I hope you like it.


Thanks for all those names, I’ll check them out


20 characters of NO :neutral_face:


check out the “Anatolian Rock Revival Project” channel. There are English translations of all the lyrics with closed captioning (CC). here are some favorites

(the lyrics of the following one come from a 13th century poem by Yunus Emre, a discovery I made first through this music – some other translations can be found here: https://mypoeticside.com/poets/yunus-emre-poems)


when all of that (great) turkish psych was getting reissued mid-2000s, a turkish friend laughed at me and said “that’s shit my grandparents used to listen to”


Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Async
Hiroshi Yoshimura’s Green
Nils Frahm’s All Melody


++++ So good… everything by Yoshimura actually.

my favorite in the Japanese ambient/minimalist group is Satoshi Ashikawa, just one album (Still Way), he died young (age 23) in an accident shortly after… [reminds me also of the tragic circumstance of Luciano Cilio]


Wow! That’s super nice, thanks for the tip-off.

Been listening to this all month, maybe a little over-the-top –

– but it’s scratching an itch. Her vocal style reminds me of something I can’t place. A friend and an acquaintance or three contributed to a companion remix album also up but I haven’t really listened to it.


20 characters of FAIR ENOUGH


vocal reminds me a bit of Nico, actually…


Wow, you’re right! Ramped up in technique a bit but totally.


Enjoying the latest release from David Bloor on Soft Error:


New Dedekind Cut:

Really like it on first listen, maybe not as taken with it initially as I was with $​uccessor. Also, seemingly unironic use of Delay Lama on MMXIX!




music for my insomnia:


@koam this whole album might be worth checking out :sleeping: