What are you watching?


Not strictly music related.

Tonight I’m watching Monty python’s flying Circus series 1. I can quote every line and it’s still ace.


Deep Space 9. I’m continuing my mission to watch every episode of Star Trek ever made, including Voyager and Enterprise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I finished TOS and TNG. TNG was mostly a rewatch, but I hadn’t seen most of TOS. DS9 is largely a rewatch for me.


I started that mission years back and was eclipsed by a more committed friend. Voyager became a real slog and I haven’t been able to bring myself to get back to it and watch Enterprise. DS9 is a joy though :slight_smile:


Did exactly the same thing over the last 4 years or so.
Just finished Enterprise a couple of months ago.
Mid-late Next Generation are probably my favourites although I was surprised how much I enjoyed the first three seasons of Enterprise which I’d only seen little bits of before.


Just saw You Were Never Really Here. Absolutely loved it. I’ve been going through all of Jonny Greenwood’s soundtracks again this week.


I’m watching Atlanta, The Expanse, and DS9.


I haven’t been able to watch anything for a couple months (other than hockey and baseball), but the queue that I will get to this summer, new seasons of The Americans and The Expanse, and I just now remembered the new season of Brockmire. Also, really excited to check out The Terror.


veronica (spanish horror)


atlanta’s the shit.

i have kinda watched a lot of bad stuff lately (good bad):

new lost in space
the rain
future man


Watching the rain now. I like the vibe, but the choices the characters make are frustratingly stupid.

I’m thinking about rewatching Inland Empire and Twin Peaks the return.


Do it! Words can barely express how I feel about The Return. I don’t think anything has ever left me as emotionally distraught and unmoored as the final hour of that masterwork.

My wife and I re-watched it over the holidays after the Blu Ray came out, and it only got better.


Also rewatching The Return! Some of the best television ever made. Maybe the best thing David Lynch has ever done too.


Westworld and modular videos, mostly.

Also, since Star Trek has been mentioned multiple times already, my girlfriend has finally got me to start watching Voyager. To my surprise, I’m enjoying it thus far.


I’m not a scientist or astronaut, so I don’t know how completely accurate it is, but I it seems like The Expanse is the first show to get close what living and working in space is actually like.


All space shows take significant liberties with physics, but that seems pretty unimportant. They really exaggerated the biological effects of low gravity though. Your limbs wouldn’t elongate, you just get more space in your joints. But the practical effect of high gravity on someone who has lived all their life in low gravity is accurate enough.


I’ve watched the first two episodes of Joe Perra Talks To You three times. It’s very good; like a midwestern Wes Anderson’s Mr. Rodgers. Really looking forward to future episodes.


Why is this conversation in the lounge?


I have taken a long break from watching shows for whatever reason. I guess a lot of it is that it’s the NHL playoffs and the start of the MLB season. Some has been my mother’s decline in health. So things are piling up.

BUT, my wife went out last night and my ears were burned out from a long day of working on music so I watched the first part of the “Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling” and loved it. I’m looking forward to watching the second part maybe today.

I love documentaries, I love comedy, I love documentaries about comedy, I love Shandling, so it was bound to be a hit with me :slight_smile:


Recently watched Devilman Crybaby. Really liked the animation and the intense story. It get’s pretty violent at times too.


I’ve gotten really into Limmy’s Show recently. The start is a bit hit or miss for me, but it is completely brilliant by the third (and sadly) last season.