What are you watching?


Last night i was looking for something to watch on Ye Olde Boobe Toobe and somehow i stumbed onto Amazon Prime and “the Essential Lectures of Alan Watts” appeared – it required a purchase from GAIA TV which i had always thought was kindy hokey, but i have been transported to the late 80s when i first encountered Alan Watts and the works of D.T. Suzuki.

I remember crying when i took off my crucifix because i had decided “to become a Buddhist” and thought i had to give it up to join. :slight_smile:


i’m new to this board but couldn’t find a thread for recent watches, film-oriented watch projects, etc.

“after dark, my sweet” (foley, 1990) - really interesting neo noir. a fever dream that feels like tonal hybrid of under the volcano + twin peaks s2 + memento. underrated i think.

“right now, wrong then” (sang-soo, 2015) - rightly regarded as one of the best hong films. nice balance of pathos and humor and perfect use of diptych structuring.

“yourself and yours” (sang-soo, 2016) - rewatch. brutal, sad, funny. another of hong’s (perhaps inadvertent) alcoholic cautionary tales.

“saint jack” (bogdanovich, 1979) - fine as aimless “macho existentialist” 70s fare i guess, gazzara is reliably good and the locations are great, but i really don’t have space or use for these kinds of films at this point in my life.


i only watched two Hong Sang-soo movies (“On the beach at night alone”,and “The Day After”, both 2017) but definitely i can see myself going through his entire filmography over the years.

Yesterday i watched “Under the silver lake”, by David Robert Mitchell, 2018. Not sure what i think about it yet, it’s quite denser and different from his two previous features.

A few films i still remember from the last months are:
“Wolfskinder”, Rick Ostermann, 2014 - great performance and direction of young actors. I also tend to like movies about forgotten events of XXth century history. Locations are great, too.
“Dene wos guet geit”, Cyril Schäublin, 2017 - maybe just because of Schwyzerdütsch, but this is also a movie of stasis and numbers, with characters trapped in an absurd society.
“Thelma”, Joachim Trier, 2017 - not my preferred from him but still better than most flicks.
oh, and Alex Garland’s “Annihilation”, 2018, which would have deserved a proper release, it’s the best science-fiction-living-world-exploration movie since what i dreamt Solaris (1971) would be.


Anyone like the TV show “Fortitude”? Season 3 (4 episodes) aired in December and I just caught those. Definitely fell off with each season and I knew it wouldn’t wrap up in a satisfying way, but still enjoyed the ride, characters, and mood.


i really like hongs 2017 output - well, i love all of his films. you should check out the third from that year, “claire’s camera” which engages with the ones you mention in an especially meta/autobiographical way and has a really charming/great isabelle huppert performance. its (quite) short and sweet.

along w/ apichatpong weerasethakul hong is prob my favorite active filmmaker, if u like those 2 youll like everything else, his output is wonderful that way :slight_smile:


Recently picked up a used copy of I Dream Of Wires: Hardcore Edition on Blu-Ray from Walker Farrell, so I’m watching the first half of it before heading out of the house today.


black widow (rafelson, 1987) - silly but well executed neo noir with the always great debra winger. does a lot of things right and is a fun if unremarkable watch from a reliable genre filmmaker.

collateral (mann, 2004) - rewatch, first time since theater. i remember thinking this was ok but it is a really flimsy, almost outright bad film. its not a good LA film or a particularly compelling thriller and the script is… very bad.

castle of cagliostro (miyazaki, 1979) - watched this on my birthday. ive probably seen it 25 times. always great. its like it should be some slight, foundational blip in miyazaki’s oeuvre but instead its totally memorable, thrilling, funny, and offers insights into what would become his priorities as an artist.

if beale street could talk (jenkins, 2018) - favorite american feature length film of 2018 by a long shot. jenkins is so sensitive to tone, color, and atmosphere. goosebump inducing score.


I’ve also been on the Trek mission but I’ve been taking my time with it, mostly watching when I have build projects I’m working on. So far I’ve finished TNG and DS9 (finished it last month!). I started Voyager several years ago and made it into the third season, I’ll probably end up going back to it at some point but I’ve been enjoying Enterprise lately.


I just finished Travellers on Netflix. It’s a really cool take on the Sci Fi genre without being too sci fi (once you buy into the idea of what a ‘traveller’ is). People 400 years in the future have figured out a way to send their consciousness back into a present day host right before their death providing they know the exact time and location of that present day hosts death, allowing the traveller to avoid the death and then assume the host identity while they complete missions to try to correct the course of humanity.

I really enjoy Sci Fi things set in present day. Also, the score is fantastic. It’s very electronic but also very dynamic. It doesn’t rely on big drums or big orchestration to set the tone, its more mid tempo ambient. Anyways, highly recommend watching and listening!


Rewatching the sopranos.

In a different vein The detectorists is a brilliant and heartwarming comedy by mackenzie crook, which brings a bit of English summer into my living room.


I recently finished the second season of Patriot on Amazon Prime and it blew my mind. Seriously might be one of the greatest shows ever. Imagine if the Coen Brothers wrote a John Grisham novel and Wes Anderson directed it.

Also hi – I’m new here. Longtime lurker.


I worked on season one and I’m currently working with the show creator on his next project. Season two is amazing.


Derry Girls, Happy, Electric Dreams…Dr Who(always)


My (Irish) father in law introduced me to Derry Girls over the holidays, funny stuff!


Also they just released the rest of Letter Kenny on Hulu.


Also eagerly awaiting the return of Enter the Badlands…


the lacemaker (goretta, 1977) - isabelle huppert at 24 with an amazing performance. very sad but also really gentle, like the calm grey days at the beach which make up many of the locations in the film

gal young ‘un (nunez, 1977) - the first victor nunez film and very good. funded with a community arts grant and made, i think, while he was in college. really great lead performance by a non-actress and a memorable score that reminded me in parts of bruce langhorne’s music for “the hired hand”

warning sign (barwood, 1985) - largely overlooked/buried infection scare sci-fi starring a young sam waterston. quite enjoyable, basically a feature length x-files episode


A goofy, yet witty Canadian comedy series titled “Corner Gas”. Goofy, yet witty is safer for me than drinking to get through the politics.


wim wenders alice in den städten, with a surprisingly minimal soundtrack that “unfolds” in the end, at the same pace as the story :slight_smile:
really dig this film


I’m watching True Detective Season 3 (not watched ep.4 yet so no spoilers please!) and I’m enjoying it a lot more than Season 2 (which was a horse load of :poop:).

Season 1 was the best thing I have seen on TV for years (I binge watched through it in a couple of evenings :joy:).