What are you watching?


The Israeli drama/comedy Shtisel, which appeared on Netflix a week or two ago. It was impossible to track down a version with English subtitles until now, and my wife has been raving about it. It’s very good!

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Criterion Channel is available today! After the heartbreaking demise of Filmstruck last fall, it’s great to have such a well curated selection of films again for streaming. Also exciting to see that Criterion will be licensing a ton of content from studios and smaller arthouse distributors in addition to its own films.



I’m so looking forward to this, but it’s not available “in my region” yet (I’m based in Berlin). Unfortunately I can’t find any information on their site about region specific limitations, future plans etc…

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The buds opening on trees outside my window.



US/Canada only for now, and no concrete plans for expansion at the moment. I’m sure multi-territory licensing is complicated, but I hope for your sake it happens sooner rather than later.

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Just saw the new Gaspar Noe in theaters, Climax. Whew lad. Whew.



the first half of it was incredible (the continuous take of the dance !!) and then it got… Noe-y lol. still was my favorite of his because of the first half and the shorter length :joy: i can deal with 90min of almost anything lol



I hear ya. I swear to god, Into the Void felt longer than any Bela Tarr movie I’ve seen. It had about 25 scenes in it that I thought were the ending but weren’t. Climax was relatively straightforward in comparison.

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Being a filmmaker and as a day job a film professor, my film diet is usually heavy on, as someone once called them, “pompous doom soaked art films” (actually really any films but I do tend toward the slow and philosophical or the purely experimental). But life has been very difficult lately due to various personal health and work matters plus adulting parents into their twilight and final hours, so I’ve been watching nothing but MST3K for weeks. While I like the new one just fine, the old one, particularly the first few seasons with Joel Hodgson as the “captive”, has aged surprisingly well - and now that I’m older and watching them in a relatively clear-headed state, I’m floored by some of the genius surreality of the host segments.
Silly, breath-stealing laughter is good emotional medicine.
And Tom Servo remains my spirit animal.