What are you watching?

The Israeli drama/comedy Shtisel, which appeared on Netflix a week or two ago. It was impossible to track down a version with English subtitles until now, and my wife has been raving about it. It’s very good!

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Criterion Channel is available today! After the heartbreaking demise of Filmstruck last fall, it’s great to have such a well curated selection of films again for streaming. Also exciting to see that Criterion will be licensing a ton of content from studios and smaller arthouse distributors in addition to its own films.


I’m so looking forward to this, but it’s not available “in my region” yet (I’m based in Berlin). Unfortunately I can’t find any information on their site about region specific limitations, future plans etc…

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The buds opening on trees outside my window.


US/Canada only for now, and no concrete plans for expansion at the moment. I’m sure multi-territory licensing is complicated, but I hope for your sake it happens sooner rather than later.

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Just saw the new Gaspar Noe in theaters, Climax. Whew lad. Whew.


the first half of it was incredible (the continuous take of the dance !!) and then it got… Noe-y lol. still was my favorite of his because of the first half and the shorter length :joy: i can deal with 90min of almost anything lol

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I hear ya. I swear to god, Into the Void felt longer than any Bela Tarr movie I’ve seen. It had about 25 scenes in it that I thought were the ending but weren’t. Climax was relatively straightforward in comparison.


Being a filmmaker and as a day job a film professor, my film diet is usually heavy on, as someone once called them, “pompous doom soaked art films” (actually really any films but I do tend toward the slow and philosophical or the purely experimental). But life has been very difficult lately due to various personal health and work matters plus adulting parents into their twilight and final hours, so I’ve been watching nothing but MST3K for weeks. While I like the new one just fine, the old one, particularly the first few seasons with Joel Hodgson as the “captive”, has aged surprisingly well - and now that I’m older and watching them in a relatively clear-headed state, I’m floored by some of the genius surreality of the host segments.
Silly, breath-stealing laughter is good emotional medicine.
And Tom Servo remains my spirit animal.


We recently got CBS All Access for Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone reboot, and decided to take advantage of the subscription and finally start Star Trek: Discovery, which has been much better than expected.

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2nd season of Discovery is one of the best Trek seasons of all time. I sort of slogged through the first feeling it was too far from what I consider the essence of Trek. The 2nd recalibrated in a great way though and strikes a great balance between classic vibes and modern TV elements that make it something that will hopefully stick around.


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Watching Star Trek Voyager for the first time, currently about half-way through season 3. Some of the episodes are tedious, but that is true of all Trek, particularly in the early seasons.

One thing I realized in my last rewatch of TNG is that some of the episodes are actually kind of offensive, including pretty much every episode where the main story focuses on Deana Troi… and that episode where Tasha Yar is forced to fight to the death by, essentially, tribal Africans in space. While so far there have been some boring episodes, Voyager avoids these pitfalls.

I also don’t understand the fuss about Threshold, which is often cited as the worst Trek episode of all time. The concept is actually interesting and while the ending kind of fits with the inherent camp of Star Trek, which I often find to be an underrated part of the franchise.

This is all part of my completionist Star Trek watch through. Enterprise and Discovery are next.

I decided to go through them all about 6 years ago so I could say I watched them in order and whatnot. Voyager was such a miserable slog I’ve never started Enterprise. Someday I guess I’ll have to, but Voyager was just miserable through long stretches.

I’m of the mind that TNG has the best chemistry/cast. DS9 has the best writing. TOS is only good because it set everything up, but obviously it’s painfully dated. So it’s hard for me to compare reasonably since I grew up watching TNG and the og movies.

But yeah, Discovery season 2 is super impressive and is probably right there with DS9.

Does Discovery Season 2 get better? I liked the first few episodes, it felt like they rebooted a bit and were like “Hey viewers! This is real Trek now”… but then they reintroduced all the multiple universe soapy drama complexity nonsense that ruined season 1 for me. I was so disappointed that they wanted to tie it back in when it felt like this could be a fresh start with a more Star Trek sensibility…

Hm, I think it’s fantastic. Not sure what soapy drama you’re referencing. Feel free to PM me to avoid spoilers. My issue with season 1 was more centered on the overly action packed/violent/war sort of quality. They’ve definitely re-calibrated in a lot of ways and I can’t recommend the new season enough. But yeah, PM me! :slight_smile:

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Random aside, but my favorite part of season 1 was when I realized Ash was Clem Fandango :slight_smile:

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Watching through TNG and DS9, I found myself watching 2-3 episodes at a clip on lazy days. Voyager has its moments occasionally, but I can rarely watch more than one episode at a time. The biggest problem for me is the cast, none of the characters are that compelling. The writing is a bit lazy at times as well.

DS9 is my favorite Trek. It manages to keep the Trek optimism while wrestling with darker themes and the characters show the greatest development. While TNG has a lot of great moments, aside from Picard and Data IMO none of the characters have strong arcs or really develop throughout the series, while in DS9 the primary and some even secondary characters (like Damar) have interesting arcs. Also Garak.

I’ve had “Sandy Frank!” and “Idiot Control, Now!” stuck in my head for weeks; they are serious earworms. I grew up watching Mike as the captive – and so have a bias towards seasons 6-10 – but watching the early run with my partner over the past few months, Joel is both of our favorite now. The SoL skits with Joel have a sort of PeeWee’s Playhouse un-reality that faded in the later seasons. Though, “Where, oh, Werewolf?” is an absolute gem.

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My fiancée and I finally decided to start watching TNG for the first time, and we’re both surprised it took us so long to do so. Definitely looking forward to watching from start to finish, and eventually do the same with DS9.


The second season of Dark on Netflix, which is scored by Ben Frost, starts today. The first season was one of my favorite things on Netflix so i’m super excited to sink my teeth into more of it…