What can I do with my launchpad?

I have recently bought a launchpad mini, partly to use with ableton but also partly to try and use with some monome apps. I have downloaded the free version of gridlock but cant get anything to work with it. Are there any other monome emulators that work or am I just not using gridlock correctly. Also are there any monome style apps that work with the launchpad natively?

mlrv works relatively well on the launchpad. Do you have max for live? I don’t, but I understand there’s a lot of launchpad fun on their too.

Gridlock works really well, no issues here. Have you try their forum ? (http://forum.sigabort.co/index.php)

Hi - if you’re having problems pop on over to the forum - always happy to help out…

Hey Simeon, I’ve trying to setup my Launchpad MK II with the MLRV 2, and I can’t get it right. My launchpad won’t get detected. I checked and changed the settings on the setup as well, but no hope. Any ideas?

You might want to try using it with Max 6.

Never had trouble with it getting detected, but mine is an original.


I’d love to know more about how to get into monome with a launchpad mini since I already have one…

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mlrv has launchpad support:

(no idea if mlrv currently works given up-to-date OS, etc)

Some people report success emulating a monome grid using gridlock:
I’ve never been able to make it work, personally.


me too! I’ve gotta piggyback here if you don’t mind.
Your post made me remember i had a launchpad gathering dust. Would love to try it out with monome but I’m a bit stuck on how to proceed! So any pointers gladly received!

I have the launchpad mini running with mlrv with no problems–using the mlrv launchpad built in configuration.

After some head scratching, I also finally got monome sum working with the lp mini, this time running as an emulation via sigabort’s gridlock (linked above). However, all of a sudden the MLR inside sum stopped working. I’m not sure if this was due to a max update or what. (I use the free max runtime, or demo as I believe they call it now.)

Questions on any of the above let me know and I can provide more detail.

I don’t think any of the emulators account for the variable brightness features present in monome editions since… 2011, I want to say.

Could be wrong. Haven’t really kept up with those.

Haven’t tried it myself, but the LP Pack released end of last year (m4l) looks cool!

There’s also the Launchpad95 which enables you to step sequence the drum rack on the launchpad among other things.

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Sorry for dragging this up from the depths, but I’ve very recently discovered the joy of Launchpads (via the app of the same name on iOS) and, as well as using them with my iPads, have found attaching them to Ableton to be a life-altering experience! Seriously, that Launchpad95 script has blown me away, giving me a huge slice of Push 2 workflow for a tiny amount of the cost (the latest Launchpad I got was a Mini Mk1 which I picked up for £35!)

If anyone out there is using LP95 I’d be very interested to hear/see how you’re working with it. I’m also intrigued by TouchABLE and wonder if getting that as well would get me even closer to the Push work flow

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I have a Push 2 and Touchable is pretty close if you’re ok not having the tangible factor…

I figure I can get the tangible element from the Launchpad (the drum sequencer is especially incredible!) but didn’t know if it was worth dedicating a device to TouchABLE too

Twenty characters of heck yeah!!!

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Awesome! Stupidly, I’ve been using Ableton in training-wheels mode for years simply because I came over from another sequencer and have never really got past arrangement view. Having discovered the joys of session view thanks to LP95 and the drum sequencer (plus drum racks and groove templates!) I feel like I moved into a three storey house from a bungalow but never went below the ground floor… until this past week!


I have been using Ableton since at least 2005 and I keep discovering new things about it!


I’m trying to get my head around it all in relation to the Launchpad and LP95 workflow, but can’t really find where best to get the info. The manual is very helpful but because I’ve been using Ableton for years but not using Session view or Drum Racks there are vast gaps in my knowledge which is making it very awkward. I’m pretty much thinking I should probably start from the beginning and pretend that I’ve never used it at all