What happened to the book review category?

I really enjoyed the book reviews; but apparently, the conversation, as well as the entire category, has been deleted.

I don’t know about a category, but perhaps you were thinking of this thread?


I suspect be that your trust level is no longer sufficient to access the Open category, and therefore see the books topic. Try reaching out to one of the staff.


Thanks, that is the thread!

Thanks! Apparently, that’s what happened.


what do i have to do to access it? i am a bit confused. i thought i ticked all the check marks to get the required trust level

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I would also be interested in knowing how this now works. A lot of my favorite recent books were discovered through it, I’d love to be able to access it again (and now that I’m registred, participate).

i think you did but it’s within a certain time period.

i think the confusion often comes because the description page linked above doesn’t actually mention the recurring time-period within which you have to meet the requirements(when you read the ‘Regular’ description it finally says, “in the last 100 days…”)… so i don’t actually know if that means it’s 100 days for basic users, too, but looking at both of your profiles, it does look like if you keep coming back, the status should push through soon :+1: (i was confused about this when i started too, but then just found a rhythm and it happened… my status recently dropped from ‘regular’ to ‘member’ tho :sweat_smile: hope this helps us all :joy: )


Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer!
I’ll definitly keep coming back and hoping that thread reappears then!

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