What is the scope of lines?

I found this forum via a couple of electronics/music sites. In fact I can’t quite remember. It appeals greatly.

What I have been unable to find so far is any statement of the scope or focus of this site. I can see many examples of music and electronics, clustered around the intersection of these and I have read the refreshingly clear and prominent standards for community discussion which I heartily adopt but I guess I’m not sure what topics would be considered out of scope.

For example, I can guess that computer programming could be in scope, depending on the focus. Writing a synth, perhaps yes. Cryptocurrency … perhaps no?

Apologies if I’ve missed this information elsewhere.




Most viewed threads seems to be pics of your setup variations.


Thanks @triangle

Setup variations … of modular synths?

Perhaps my arrival is somewhat unique but, reading further since my question, I realise the focus seems to be on monome and norns and related products, bleeding over into other topics on electronic music production and those things vaguely relevant to the people who frequent here and who do these things.

In that spirit I do feel like I fit in, but I have to admit I don’t know Norns, Monome or any of these products. I do electronic music production and I use midi, ableton and several bits of gear suitable for a dawless setup, though my friends are modular-obsesserd, I’ve never done modular myself. My main crossover interest is livecoding with special mention to Orca and uxn.


Welcome to Lines! This is indeed a forum associated with monome, but many other things are discussed. If you hang out and participate for a while you’ll probably figure out what kinds of things the community tends to enjoy discussing.

If you’d like to post, you’re able to in certain categories from the get-go; others are reserved for those with higher trust levels.

I guess the one thing that might feel different than some other communities is that Lines leans in the direction of consolidated discussion, versus many similar redundant posts. You’re encouraged to find an existing discussion relevant to your topic, if you can. Moderation is fairly active here, so if you create a post that might belong in an existing discussion, it will generally get moved.

Lines is one of the healthiest online communities I’ve ever had the privilege of participating in. I’m personally very grateful to have found it. Hopefully you will find it a good place to hang out!


I just wanted to point out that even if this is a joke, it is an extremely reductive one :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a defined scope for discussions here. What many people actually have an interest in gets discussed more so the scope is organically derived from the community itself.

And there was actually a discussion about cryptocurrencies lately, mostly centered on their potential impact for artists and their ecological footprint, but not only.


You’re very welcome Chris! Was nice to meet you momentarily at the flash crash afterparty (and thanks for tuning in to the show!) :slight_smile: I think you’ll find lines very open for discussion on a large variety of topics, as I try to think of some way to define the scope I am at a loss because I think the limits might just be whether or not there are other people here who want to participate in a discussion. There are political discussions, mental health discussions, cryptocurrencies/NFTs certainly had a moment (i’ll be honest, i’m not sure there’s too much interest in reviving it, but I wouldn’t describe it as “off limits” or “out of scope”). This is in addition to electronic music making which is ostensibly the focus. Searching random words of interest and seeing what relics come up is always a fun place to start on lines, in my opinion ^.^ there’s a lot of buried treasures.


thought the joke was obvious :slight_smile:


I’ll add that there isn’t even really any kind of musical cohesion either, though you will notice trends. There is a … vibe? … that I imagine everyone who sticks around here forms in their mind. Moderation and the folks who regularly visit are ultimately what define the terrain outside of monome and whimiscal raps whom sort of form the major landmarks.


For what it’s worth, I joined lines to learn more about the monome ecosystem. I was very quickly distracted by the very large thread about what books everyone is reading, then learned about experimental musical notations, then read about some actionable steps I can take to mitigate my ADHD, and then I posted something about my cats. Pretty well every day I read something interesting, touching, thoughtful, or useful on lines.

Edit: I should say that I have also learned a great deal about monome and that this is a really great place to learn how to monome (it’s actually kind of the best place for that kind of learnin)


I discovered Lines as I was discovering monome and mannequins. I quickly realized that the topical scope wasn’t limited to those, but that there was a desire to build a real community.

The “rules” are in the code of conduct. The mindset of many could be described as open-minded, eager to learn and share knowledge, friendly and wanting to foster a place where people feel respected and heard, encouraging of a wide range of creativity in music but also other forms and media.

Welcome and look forward to making some great new friends!



I think I found this forum when I was searching stuff about Cold Mac. Seemed like a healthy online space with likeminded people, and in addition to learning so much about Monome and Whimsical stuff I’ve also learned a lot about NFT’s, gotten a tons of books and documentaries on my to watch/read list, seen a lot of cool bikes, cute puppies, design furniture, pickles and discussed the importance of work in life and so on. How I see it is there’s not much limits on the scope of Lines, but still being a specialized forum many people tend to have certain things in common. Not every discussion is about music and music tech or arts in general, but English speaking quite esoteric and niché electronic music community probably attracts somewhat different group than let’s say German speaking car tuning community, where I’m sure they’d discuss things like excersise too but probably not under topic called “Maintaining Your Corporeal Form”.


Seeing some responses recollecting when/how people joined the community I realised that I can’t actually remember how I found Lines. There’s something really quite nice about that.


I was thinking about this a bit more and I realised that lines is also a really great example of open-source in action. An open-source ethos is kind of baked in to the specific musical gear lines is oriented around, but by virtue of how open-source philosophies operate this ethos kind spills outward and is everywhere. Truly, sharing is caring, and lines cares :slight_smile:


Great question here:

Your best guide here would be reflecting on the category descriptions. Sometimes the most recent or most popular topics might give a slighty skewed or narrower scope than what is allowed/encouraged by the mod team

As you’ve done…
Ask whenever you’re in doubt and take time to search or peruse older topics which represent past interests of this community (which has changed remarkably over the years!)


+1 to everything said so far and also Why we made this


some more threads of interest:


I also discovered lines while researching Cold Mac. I had never heard of Norns and had a faint idea what Teletype was. A few months later, I had a Norns, Grid, Teletype and last week ordered a Crow and Ansible. I’ve fallen in love with the breadth and deep these instruments are capable of exploring and I appreciate the generosity of this community for opening that door.


Sad to hear that. I hope they chilled out and things got resolved. One of the nicest things I’ve seen here is bad vibes getting turned around into better vibes.


im sorry you had a bad experience. To me its completely the opposite. Lines is so refreshing to instances like MW or FB groups, which tend to be more trolling/bullying oriented.


I’m sorry you feel that way, but if this is in response to a thread on traditional music theory that has since been closed (I won’t link to it for that reason), I don’t think your characterization is at all accurate.

if you are truly respectful and listen/engage with the community (can’t stress listen enough), you won’t find a better place on the web IMO. welcome, @chromosundrift