What is the scope of lines?

@chromosundrift welcome! we are a bunch of map-smoking drug-addled space-pirates, intergalactic wild flowers, and down-to-earth freakz who make it very hard for founders/moderators to even want to define scope. if you were to put our signal through an oscilloscope, it’d read as the most chaotic noise right before your equipment exploded :boom:

one thing i like the most about this place: the diversity. there’s many different people from different parts of the world with different backgrounds headed in different directions.
sometimes, you’ll even find the most beautiful dysfunctional family vibes here, too… it’s what happens when you’re in a hotbed of independent thinkers… just watch:

truth :point_up:
example: very strange to hear someone say they ‘never flame’ and in the same sentence refer to people disrespectfully as ‘random kooks’
-raja the random kook :innocent:
(p.s. i hate you all… no just kidding, no i’m not, no i am… not, yes, am… love you all… go to hell)


This is a creative community full of wonderful musical people ready to interact with fellow creative, wonderful, musical people.


another alternative definition by @n-So i memed 2 years ago ( :astonished: time flies). I think it does the job* quite well :slight_smile:

*the job of completely failing to accurately define this place, while being mildly amusing to me personally


Can’t speak for the other cats, but this is my personal philosophy


this is lines :sweat_smile:
at it’s best
all in one post


I discovered this forum 6 years ago by googling everything I could concerning the Octatrack. Lurked here off and on for years. Lots of good info here and very talented people. I just started posting this year as a result of my extreme enthusiasm for Polyend Tracker. EDIT: This forum also brings me closer every day to acquiring some modular gear. GAS-inducing to say the least.


i should delete my account i suppose… i got the gaming PC for streaming tho!!!


Maybe to consolidate the practical advice:

Talk about whatever you want, but try to find an existing thread for it before making a new one. Get cozy with the search function.

People are pretty direct / passionate, and most have much more experience than they let on (except the ones bragging about all the experience they have, they have much less). Don’t mistake any disagreement for hostility – most folks here are very charitable (except the ones who think everyone is so hostile – they’re not so charitable).

There actually have been some threads about crypto (check search), but they get locked because one side says “you are complicit in eco-genocide” and the other says “you just don’t understaaaaaaaand” but like… with more words. And neither is a very charitable perspective.

Yeah man idk anytime you think to internet just come here and treat that search bar like Google and there’s prolly somethin.


pretty accurate

this is especially good advice


well, it’s been a pleasure having you @tyleretters but i’m afraid it is . . .


When it’s time for me to go, send me off like this, please.


I’ve found that the scope here is as broad as the community is diverse. Here’s a list of things I find true about lines:

  • Subjects are rarely, if ever, off limits. Threads are more often closed for conduct rather than subject matter.

  • Most people here approach conversations in good faith, disagreement != disrespect.

  • 20 characters (a list has to be more than two, right?)

  • TODO - ideas/forward movement


You’re so right that this place gives me so many ideas I want TODO.


How does “disagreement != disrespect”?

! means “not”, so != means “does not equal”


Still don’t understand what you’re saying, but I’m old. :wink:

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uhhhhhhh maybe:

disagreement != disrespect
disagreement does not = disrespect
disagreement does not equal disrespect
disagreement is not disrespect


Ok, now I understand. I agree disagreement does not necessarily equal disrespect however it can head in that direction as misunderstanding grows.

I did read the music thread alluded to at the beginning of this thread. I didn’t understand why one of the members was being called what he was being called.

In that case I thought he was being disrespected but I tend to side with the under dog so maybe that bias was interfering with my understanding.

I think it was this forum where I once wrote that you’re not going to change a racist’s behavior, by yelling hate at them. That comment didn’t go over to well which is understandable.

Psychologist J.Haidt,who researches morality, states that the cure for a righteous mind is empathy, but also states that it’s very hard to show empathy across a moral divide.

To me, this forum has been an exploration of that very thing, understanding and trying to extend empathy across that divide.

Yelling hate no matter where its directed, doesn’t seem to accomplish much good.

Perhaps its time to try something new?


@chromosundrift , do you now regret your question? :slight_smile:


No new approach is needed because YEARS of effort has gone into crafting/refining a code of conduct which encourages the kind of discussions we want

When empathetic discourse breaks down all involved are warned and, at times, you’ll see heated topics are temporarily closed if folks seem incapable of self-regulating their emotions…but let’s be clear: A moderator warning anyone (publicly or privately) about their violations of our forum rules is not hateful

Membership here spans the globe and the most passionate conversations tend to develop quite rapidly

There are many times in recent memory where fellow community members called out somebody (1) sharing their opinion as fact, (2) rigidly ignoring the opinions and feelings of others when a misunderstanding develops, or (3) feigning ignorance about the impact of their contributions to a thread.

I really have no problem with that as long as all people still abide by the CoC and treat individuals with respect and dignity we all deserve