What sounds are you totally excited by?

Forgive me, I just had to ask the obvious and more optimistic counter-question to that Other Thread.

What feels UTTERLY new? Fresh? “I wish I had thought of that” greatness? “This inspired me” awesomeness that isn’t your own work?


I’m going with “in my life” rather than anything recently, but the first time I heard Clams Casino’s “Natural” I literally stopped. (I was running orders at a cafe and went over to see what was playing.)

The textures and vibe hit hard and I was like “airy chopped up vocals, washed out big beats… DAMN.” I’ve been a fan since.




just kidding, I like dubstep


Tim Hecker’s big, colorful washes of noise still melt my mind, or, Stars of the Lid. Can listen forever and never tire of those sounds.


I’ve been enjoying James Blakes interesting use of stutter effects and pitch shifting in his recent work. notably If the Car Beside you Moves Ahead.


it’s always going to be that thing that happens at the 3:46 mark of windowlicker when it stops and then fades back into the chorus


Love this thread idea. There’s plenty, I am sure, but the first to come to mind is 715 - CR∑∑KS (everything Justin does with vocals, especially live, but this track can still floor me). The harmonies, the autotune amplifying the emotion of the performance.





you heard this track off one of ag cook’s recent albums? sounds so much like a spiritual successor to windowlicker while still being distinctively its own thing (and honestly even if it didn’t, i’d just be happy with a windowlicker p2)

Acid Angel | A. G. Cook


this is going to be a totally obscure answer but for me it ticks all the things you mentioned in the OP.

it’s from 2003 but i only recently discovered it (which is weird since i’ve been a fan for many years), and i just <3 it so much, it puts a huge smile on my face whenever i watch it and it reminded me of a simple joy of making music. and damn i really wish i came up with that sample.

this was todd edward’s first big performance in the UK, so he made a special cut of his “wishing you were home” track with a special intro using a longer sample of carpenter’s “maybe it’s you”. you can see how nervous he is, and then he starts the track… “only a fool… only a fool” :black_heart:


Played through the entirety of Kentucky Route Zero late last year and I was just so struck by the sound design in a section where your character is interacting with a broken computer. Lots of intense electric noise, that with a synth track filtered through it, sounded absolutely magical. Instantly started searching for ways to create noise like this myself :pray:


oh yeah i agree. plus he did that tongue in cheek (but still sincere) note for note cover of windowlicker a few years ago lol


There’s something weird about that late 90’s IDM sound… it lingers in my core as something timeless. And it speaks to a different time, no phones, minimal internet, street culture, yet this killer somehow futuristic feel. Minimal and funky in its own way. I still dig it to these days, synth sounds that almost sound like they’re yearning for something. Sometimes I just feel like going back there and exploring that, creating in that world and style. It’s weird how it was a period in time where things sounded like that, the gear, the influences. It is essentially, old now. But it still sounds new to me.


Idk that I can call it new/fresh but the bit in mirah’s gone sugaring where the song picks up just always hits so good for some reason. No idea what it is but it always makes me feel right


sonar pings in old submarine movies

digital pings in ryoji ikeda installations


Crickets and cicadas


rain sounds. it became a habit to pull out my recorder wherever i am and record rain. you wouldn’t believe it, but it sounds soo different each time. so beautifully calming. have an entire folder of rain sounds in different places on my laptop.


Oh totally. That with reverb yes please. Absolutely not new or fresh, but always good – always already refresh.

Speaking of music I’d say Emptyset’s ominous rumble, Dave Tipper’s wobbly alien sound design, Boards Of Canada’s bleached atmospheres and early 2000s neuro dnb in general, as it’s what really got me in love with electronic music.


Objekt’s Cocoon Crush. Gets me everytime I listen to it.

It’s one of those cases where I can’t feel structure, I can’t discern single elements (that’s where music gets me better, whenever I’m not analyzing, like in this producer at a music festival old meme), it’s just this overwhelming sound design spaceship and I love it. In the same vein, I worship Tim Hecker’s noise washes.