What sounds are you totally excited by?

have been loving exactly this. I’ve been listening to a lot of catherine lamb’s work and it’s something she explores explicitly.

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Off the top of my head:

  • extended saxophone techniques
  • pinged filters
  • anything a Music Easel can create
  • bird song
  • that explosion of sound about fifty seconds into “Day of the Baphomets” by The Mars Volta

i really like jewel sounds, crystal sounds, “glass-like” and “chime-like” synth sounds… one of the albums i’ve really been liking lately is Peach, by Shanti Celeste: https://shanticeleste.bandcamp.com/track/aqua-block

also really like Visible Cloaks, there’s a lot of really “clean” and interesting sounds on the Lex and Reassemblage albums, i love that sorta stuff.

and this is also an intro post for me i guess, my first post. hello everyone!


I’ve posted this in another thread already, but whenever I’m reading through this thread I remember how groundbreaking it was for me to listen to Aho Ssan’s “Simulacrum” album for the first time. It’s a rather recent release (2020) and a use of granular synthesis I haven’t heard before in this intricacy and musicality:

Also, hi and welcome @june :wave: Visible Cloaks is great and I can totally relate, I also really love those glassy FM sounds lately!


These are sooooooo good recommendation, the Lanark one… :exploding_head:

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The delightful season for these is upon us on the Northern hemisphere: Nose noises 🐽. The sinusoidal¹ resonations inside my face. Completely fascinated (faceinated) by them.

¹ literally

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I just love the modulated strings that start at 1:03, together with the muted guitar in the background. It’s very common instruments but modulated in a way, which sounded so interesting to me.

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This is such a great thread.
It’s ticking a whole buuunch of brain-tickling boxes at the moment, but this track is absolutely phenomenal: ALchinBond + Ifs - FUKURAMASiCO | V/A | outlines (bandcamp.com)

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I’ve been in love with The Lighthouse since seeing it last year, and the sound of the foghorn used throughout the movie will get stuck in my head for days on end.


Been obsessed with the breathing/voice thing in DUNE, until I (kind of) figured out how to do it

shipping label created for the monome on it’s way to me! that means it will be arriving today right?

the track and the rest of the compilation are fantastic, digging through the rest of the label’s discography now. Thanks!

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I discovered Aho Ssan a few months ago. It’s a fantastic album and it reminds me of Paul Jebanasam’s work which absolutely love. So abstract and yet so beautiful:


Currently loving the sounds of SinOscFB. Crank up the feedback and pitch it down to subaudio frequencies for clicky/glitchy/broken digital timbres.

Building a Norns performance patch that builds a bit on the ideas of the Drone & Drama Teensy synth and finding this ^ is a fun addition.


do you have a recording of this :heart_eyes: (or a drop-in SC snippet)

@andrew Yep! Here’s a snippet from me messing around with the d&d script mentioned above.


One of my daily joys and self care practice these days is playing the flute. It was my first instrument, but I hadn’t touched it since middle school. Started again last June. And it’s all because hearing the delightful totally exciting sounds of Wilfrido Terrazas made me realize there are whole sound worlds in that tube that I had been completely sleeping on:


I went thru a massive phase of collecting these old sample packs, you can’t scroll through without hearing some legendary sounds. I forget the forum but some gaming forum somewhere has a megathread dedicated to finding them. Thanks for sharing this


Ooh I’ll have to look that up, there is an archive.org link going around that has a bunch of them.

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