What would be useful for you in a Eurorack PSU?

So: if someone was, say, building something that resembled a surprisingly affordable Eurorack power solution for small rigs (eg skiffs) that happened to offer surprisingly high-current 5V out… what sort of connectivity would be useful to you? Would you like a USB (power-only) on the frontpanel? Or would 16-pin Euro be enough for you?

Asking for a friend; that friend is me. I mainly ask as I realised that the high-current 5V might be of particular interest to users needing to power grids from their modules.

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Yes and yes. A good comparable is the Synthrotek Deluxe Power Module which offers some important capabilities to the euro enthusiast:

  1. A USB port on the panel front
  2. LEDs indicating power consumption status (under-peak vs over-peak)
  3. The ability to shut down a rail if it is over capacity
  4. MOLEX quick connect + 2 keyed 16-pin connectors

I’d also look at the Noise Engineering Adigo Metric if only to enjoy the lovely way it shows power consumption and to puzzle out what to do with the Gate and CV bus jacks.

For a module built with Monome-level power needs in mind, I’m not sure what else you’d want. Hope these help.


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for USB power i think what Switch does is more usable, as you can power a grid but still have it connected at the same time. basically, also having a USB output that passes everything except power.

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when you say “suprisingly high current 5V out” it make me curious. can you surprise us now as opposed to later?

and you refer to a front panel, will this be available in module form only, or is it something that can be installed in a case, saving precious hp? (speaking from experience, this is of paramount importance to almost all people who spend money on cases and power supplies)


Up to about 4A, from the sounds of things. Need to confirm.

I’m making a tiny module, but I’d also considered using it as the basis for an acrylic open skiff end-cheek, which means you could probably mount it in a case. Frontpanel is 4HP.

At the moment, it’s kinda designed as a “first” or low-cost PSU, for open racks and small skiffs - a bit cheaper than some alternatives, and with none of the issues of bashing your hand into a Meanwell-style exposed PSU.

Also, it may just be a terrible idea that I’m sinking too much time into, but I’m curious (and learning a lot).

thanks, and best wishes for the project! (if it is indeed 4A +5 and can run 3 grids i’ll be one of your first customers. (non-module format preferred)