What's the name of this forum software?

What’s the name of this forum software? Seems to be the same as Elektron and Intellijel forums.


it’s http://www.discourse.org

Mutable Instruments is using it too https://forum.mutable-instruments.net/t/say-hello-to-a-brand-new-forum/12506?u=aroom


and axolotl too http://community.axoloti.com

I’m a huge fan of Discouse, but slightly miffed that all the above mentioned sites look so similar. But I suppose the default colors & fonts work quite well.

It has the advantage of you not having to adjust to a new UI for every forum you use. Less branding, more usability.


also in the discourse club

and this one (the ones who make the Pisound)

Elektron forums too

Orthogonal Devices too.

I love the lines forum and the community, so many thanks. I was in a meeting today for another community that would benefit from a similar sort of forum. I would like to know how lines forum was built ? Is it bespoke forum or a modified package? Sorry I don’t have much knowledge of web creation so just some broad pointers would be most helpful. Thanks in advance

Its just one of these : Discourse - Civilized Discussion

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Hey thanks a lot. Will look in to this. Much appreciated.