What's Up Lisbon?

I’ll be visiting Lisbon for the first time next week. I hear there is a decent experimental / electronic music scene there… what’s going on?

(Also, will be hitting Barcelona this trip, too)


Go check hangar.org for a Befaco workshop if you visit Barcelona!


I’ve been to Lisbon for a week in December of last year. I can’t really speak for the electronic music scene there, but I’ve been told by a friend who’s been living there for a year that the city is not too much of a “going out” city.

We tried going to a club (Lux) the night we arrived, but I haven’t received my covid test result after standing in line at the test facility for almost 3 hours. Maybe it was for the best because after reading the google reviews, we learned that the place likes to rip off a lot of (non-native-speaking) people by telling them that entry is 240€… The night after, we tried the bar district in Bairro Alto, which was not really our vibe, unfortunately.

But I’m sure there are still lots of exciting things happening in the music scene in Lisbon, so I’m curious to hear other people’s recommendations! We definitely made the mistake of relying on TripAdvisor too much because of the short time we were there and ended up in a lot of places that were very touristy (like LX Factory, which has a really cool Jazz record store tho), and not quite what we were looking for.

But apart from that, there’s so much beautiful architecture to explore! If you have the time for a short field trip, I can absolutely recommend the Royal Palace and its surrounding gardens in Sintra, which is about a half-hour drive from Lisbon. Also had some amazing Japanese food at Tasca Kome, lovely place!

Looks like Patch Point just opened a store there, so that might be something fun to do. Address on their site is: R. da Voz do Operário 62, 1100-621 Lisboa


I checked out the Louie Louie record shop whilst I was there a few weeks ago, which was pretty cool.

I’d also recommend the University of Lisbon Botanical Gardens for a walk.

Patch-Point just recently opened a Lisbon Store.


You might want to check out the Zé Dos Bois (ZDB) gallery and bookshop, which has the odd experimental show here and there.

For records shops my top three are:

Discolecção - small but I always find gems in there.
All second hand. My favorite record shop in Lisbon.

Carbono (mix of everything) - big selection. Pretty good for cds too. All genres.

Groovy Records - for rare psych/ garage rock/Latin etc. A very specific vibe but tons of cool stuff.

For gear it’s pretty much Patch Point, worth a trip to play around with some of their stuff and a good place to ask for any shows that might be happening around the city.
There’s also Mr. Jack’s guitars, never been but they have a nice selection of guitar pedals from what I hear.

If you can find performances by any of the artists on the Príncipe label roster that are performing you must go. They are doing some of the most amazing music in the world. Still kinda underground despite their now international reputation.

Thanks for all this information.
I’m headed to Portugal next month to perform at waking life festival and was looking for things to see and do around Portugal.

In anyone has anything to suggest around Crato I’d love to hear it.

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Really looking forward to Waking Life festival, and your performance! They posted some suggestions on their fb page last week:

Looking to extend your ‘roadeo’ and discover what lies within and beyond Município do Crato? Time has a different pace in Alentejo. Slow down and savour some of our favorite spots…

  1. Anta do Tapadão, closeby Waking Life and Aldeia da Mata. It’s a mystery how these stones were moved around 8000 years ago. Neolithic UFOs or super strong gnomes? Let your imagination run with the ancients.

  2. Casa da Olaria in Flor da Rosa - once the ceramecca in the region. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet with Rui, a traditional ceramics maestro who keeps the art alive.

  3. Castelo de Vide - Located in Parque de São Mamede, majestic fig trees and magnolias keep the air fresh. Locals engage in passionate flower competitions, they take their succulents seriously.

  4. Marvão - one of the most beautiful villages in the region. Try to find the old water reservoir within the castle’s underground paths. You’ll understand why once you get in there.

  5. Deep inside Serra de São Mamede you’ll be gifted with hiking trails, the shade of tall trees, rivers, natural pools and cascades.

  6. Chapel of Bones - “We bones that are here, for yours we wait”. Evora is filled with strange treasures. Approximately 5000 corpses were taken from different cemeteries to cover the walls of this chapel.

  7. Montemor-o-Novo is renowned for its vibrant arts and craft scene. Oficinas do Convento or O Espaço do Tempo offer regular artist residencies. Aspiring permaculturalists, drop by Quinta das Abelhas, one of the most developed syntropic farming projects in Portugal. Foodies, get into Carne Alentejana.

  8. Mértola - Step aside Game of Thrones. Along the Guadiana river, Mértola reflects the great remains from the Islamic period such as the medieval mosque (the only one preserved from that time in Portugal). In May, the city holds the Festival Islâmico.

  9. Minas de São Domingos. Closeby Mértola lies a volcanic landscape where gold, lead and sulfur were once extracted. Reminiscent of Mad Max cinematographies now whispers about possibilities of restoring such damaged landscapes.

  10. Tecolameco, a special sweet from Alentejo. If you want to turbo charge your morning, couple it with a ‘café com cheirinho’.


Lisboeta here, born and raised. My recommendations:

Record shops:

Flur - My personal favorite, really solid selection.

Collect - Electronic and some hip-hop, also a cool bar at night.


Lux Frágil - Don’t listen to the Google reviews. Lux is the best club in Lisbon and perhaps the most friendly and safe. All you need to do in order to avoid the +250 euro entrance (aka the “get the fuck out of here” tax) is to show up early and not to be a complete drunk asshole.

Ministerium - A good backup plan if Lux doesn’t work out.

5A - Also nice.

Misc spots:

Zé dos Bois
Arroz Estúdios
Village Underground
Lx Factory
Gulbenkian Garden