whatwetalkabout - despair

Despair is a live recording of an all modular performance at Frontier Home here in Seattle on June 3, 2022. The piece itself is something I developed in the winter of 2022 and performed a few times before this “grand finale” of sorts which was presented in quad (I can get anyone interested the quad recordings).

The name of the piece, despair, comes from my struggle in the last year as I’ve been reckoning with losing much of my purpose and meaning in many different ways. I composed nearly all of this in the evening and late at night during bouts of insomnia as a way to cope with all this change.

On the technical side, this is an all modular performance with one Digitone sample and one wingie sample. Everything else is synthesized, with the primary sound sources being Just Friends, Mangrove, Piston Honda MK2, Kermit MK3, Hertz Donut MK3, and Generate 3. Most of the sequencing from teletype with some help from hermod.

Happy to answer any questions about the setup and compositional approach, but every part came from aimless exploration of a sound that then developed into a more formed musical passage and I just followed my interest in order to thread it all together into one cohesive piece.

This was recorded and mastered by Thomas Drake, also known as t4mber recall.

Thanks for listening


Very much digging this. Sounds like it will suit the same purpose for the listener (me) that it did for the maker. Well done.

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