When music touches you a bit more deeply


this song popped into my life recently after a tangential search precipitated by the what are you listening to? thread and it was a little too touching to me. i didn’t at that point understand why but i sensed it’s importance. i played it for her and she had no clear response.

in the same time (current events), unbeknownst to me, my partner has been in therapy beginning to comes to terms personally with an addiction she’s been living with for 20 years without ever telling a soul. two nights ago she began sharing openly and honestly with me about her struggle.

and so music touches me more deeply than it would have otherwise and in hindsight i shudder to think of how apropos the tunes entrance into my life has been. a through-the-beyond kind of moment that goes past idiosyncrasy in my faith based life experience/understanding.

things happen, not in a vacuum, but with interrelation. and when something reaches into you with more poignancy it is likely connected to some process, grief, joy or otherwise. and it is best if you can pay attention to the signs and stay present for what is to come.

my day is mixed with tears, honesty, joy, sadness, awareness of betrayal, forgiveness, love and hope.

my hope is that if others have those moments and care to share/process, here could be a safe place to do so. i love lines and i feel support, thoughtfulness and meaning beyond any other place ever found on the internet. and i thank you for being a part and i thank the makers.



Not much of a story per se, but your story puts me in mind of the times where my conscious mind has been unaware of something (often something my partner has been worried about telling me), but my subconscious will prompt me to behave differently in small weird ways that don’t fully make sense until after I learn what’s going on.

I do think that music forms an interesting extension of my, like, emotional intelligence. For example it used to be the case that I would notice that I was feeling completely burnt out only after I had been listening to Packt Like Sardines a lot more than usual for a day or two. or I’ll learn something about how I’m feeling lately from sitting down to play the piano rather than thinking about what’s going on.

This sounds like a good, but challenging moment that you are having; wishing you all the best :heart:


A quarter century ago, mere minutes after being told something rather horrible, I was walking to clear my mind and listing to Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”. The soaring first note of the first guitar solo pierced through all the sadness, and in that moment the sun came out from behind clouds and blinded me. Definitely what Joyce would call an epiphany. To this day, that note takes me back to the moment my life changed - for the better - and I am very grateful that it does.

How wonderful life is when we see it for what it is and not as we wish it would be. I hope you won’t take this wrong, but I am so very happy that you and your partner are doing just that. Courage and love to you both.


thank you and thank you again!!


I don’t have time to tell the story now, but in a nutshell I was touched by the hand of God listening to a Grateful Dead song…

Totally blew my mind…


I Definitely Want To Hear This Story.


I want to be here by Case/Lang/Veirs. I cried the first time I heard it and most times since. It feels so comforting and affirming. There is a line ”the hungry fools who rule the world can’t find us/ surely they can’t ruin everything”. I want to believe.

When my wife played the song to me for the first time, I very much needed the feeling of hope and defiance that hearing it gave me.


Who can’t use hope and defiance?!?


This will probably bring everybody down in this thread, but here’s my story anyway.

I was eight years old, visiting some acquaintances of my parents. I always loved to read, so when the grown-ups went outside, I stayed in the living room, and browsed thru a newspaper lying on the table.

My attention was caught by a picture next to an article, a picture of a strange looking chair…I started reading, and slowly realized, for the first time ever in my life, that there is an “electric chair”, how it worked, what it did, and that there is a “death penalty” you can be sentenced to, and as I was getting more and disturbed and scared by this gruesome thing, the radio played this song, and its dark melody and otherworldly sound increased my Angst:

And to this very day, this song remains scary to me, sinister, eerie. Reminding me of the ultimate bad things humans can do to each other.


Wonderful, and sometimes jarring. It’s easy to presume self-fault and absorb guilt. When it occurs, I try to remember that the thing which creates that ‘dissonance’ is the same thing that allows me to love, to move past grief, to feel contentment, to enjoy music, to have hope for the future, etc.

I don’t think you can experience any of those things that don’t exist in front of you without the facility to ‘mispercieve’. I can’t imagine what it would mean if we saw everything exactly, and only, as it was.


When I was a little younger and much more… chaotic? I used to listen to this to lift me up and calm me down. Going back, I’m not sure how that worked but it is a really interesting little four tracks that never saw a proper release.

EDIT: May have forgotten the link :face_with_head_bandage: whoops! I need to slow down!




I’m not suggesting that we give up regarding the world with wonder. I’m just suggesting that when we don’t superimpose future projections and past burdens on the now, we’re more likely to be happy.


Thanks everyone for sharing. I’m just going to leave this here.

This album pulls me under and then brings me back up a little bit changed -presumably for the better- every time.


I’m glad there’s a thread for this, because I’ve been dying to share an album and a story. :slight_smile:

The beginning of Fall this year involved a string of sad and frustrating situations, which reached a climax with the sudden passing of a beloved pet. After a period of mourning, I came across H. Takahashi’s “Raum” by complete accident. Listening to it helped me to remember moments of joy, rather than the moment of sorrow I was in right then, and that helped me come to terms with the situation and move forward. I don’t know if the album was the actual catalyst for that, or if it just happened to be the first thing I listened to when I was ready to deal with it, but it has a special place in my heart now. :slight_smile:


H. Takahashi rules x 20 char.