Which MacBook should I buy?

The Space Gray finish looks so nice.

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One year in with the M1 Macbook Pro and this is… just great. It’s just like my earlier Macbook Pro from “the golden era” (2014). In between the years I’ve handled a bunch of Macbook Pros and Airs at work etc and each one had something horribly wrong, so I was quite hesitant buying this.


I don’t know what the colors are called, but the new M2 (left) is a funny metallic blue almost makes me think of a classic corporate ThinkPad choice, while the old 2015 Air is, what I would consider just “macbook color”.

When did color options even become available possible? Does color even matter? (I think it does)

regarding the color of the new MacBook Pro and Air, beware that if you choose anything else than the silver version, you will end up with discolouration around the usb-c and HDMI ports, from mechanical friction.

Exactly matches my experience. Between 2015 and the M1 I had so many trips to the apple store - to return or argue about messed up MacBook pros with problems Apple considered “acceptable operation” but that made them unusable - that I could probably do a little YouTube series with two seasons from it. Both M1 machines I have are like the Macs of old. Almost completely trouble free and everything works better than advertised. What trouble exists is due to third party issues (eg a thunderbolt dock that likes to cause a restart if unplugged while the Mac is sleeping - while a different brand dock is fine.)


Of course it does!


Bought a dark (something something midnight) Air M2 because it was available 2nd hand and it’s cool, but boy am I aware of every single dust speck, bread crumb and whatever landing on it. Also finger prints etc… I never knew I would a attentive to stupid shit like this – it never was an issues with a silver color chassis + black keyboard of the prev computer.

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Ended up buying a slightly dinged up 2018 15" MacBook Pro for $200. I’ll probably swap it for the M1 MacBook Pro at some point in the future, but this is already luxurious considering I haven’t had a working laptop other than my wife’s for the past couple of months.

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I have M2 midnight OCD as well. I knew better and ordered it anyway.

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That’s a really nice price for a nice machine!

My 2015 15” MBP is still rocking out just fine…. My only regret is the intermittent loud fan noise, which makes recording with a live mic in the room quite challenging…

Eventually I’ll get one of the M chip MBPs and I think the fan noise will be a thing of the past!

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I’ve had my midnight M2 Air for a little under a year… the smudging bothered me a little at first when it was shiny new, but now I don’t even register it, I just wipe the whole thing down regularly. mine hasn’t chipped around the ports either. still quite happy with it!

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