Which MacBook should I buy?


I don’t know about the MacBook Air, but for what it’s worth, I believe your specs are about the same if not better than those on my 2016 MacBook (not Pro)


wild! and true all above - my feeling is that although my 2010 MBP has been by a wide margin the best + most loved computer I’ve had, it might be time to give it a rest (GPU issues, etc).

I think if i can get something comparable without spending a fortune, that might be the way to go - maybe the MBA or the 2018 MBP sans-touchbar. The upshot of USB-C is that I could use an eGPU down the line, so im thinking if I can get something good enough to be viable, it could be a solid route.

Its a shame you have to get a touchbar on the 13" MBPs to move up to quad core, tho!


Just wanted to say thanks for having brought this to my attention. It gives me some comfort about potentially ending up with a touch bar, as my 2013 MacBook Air continues its slow descent into slowness.


You can try to format your HDD and instal a clean system. Restore only your documents, not the system files. Be also ready to give your computer some more time to process things. Older systems tend to be little slower, despite the specs (slower bus speed, memory speed etc). Not everything has to be lightning fast, maybe…


Not super relevant, but figured I’d post this here as there may be others going through similar issues.

Like many with the 2016/2017 MBP keyboards, I’ve had a nightmare of a time with it. Going through 3 repairs in the course of a month last year. When I went in for my 4th one they told me they could swap out the machine for a new one to see if that would help.

I didn’t take them up on the offer as the keyboard is fucked by design and that would just give me the headache of setting my computer up from scratch.

Fastforward almost a year later and I’ve gone back in with a fucked keyboard again, and it turns out that the offer still holds but since they no longer have 2017 machines, I’m getting a new 2018 machine. On top of that, it’s the equivalent spec (I got the upgraded CPU option originally, so they juiced up the one they have on order too).

They were really accommodating too, in that I’m in the UK but the laptop was originally purchased in the US. So they had to process it in a manner from what they normally do, but they managed in the end.

So if you have a 2016/2017 machine and have had a few keyboard repairs, it’s worth knowing that may be an option.


Also the 2018 machines have a revised keyboard which (so far) seems to have resolved (for the majority of people) all of the problems with the old ones that caused them to fail so frequently.


Yup, that’s pretty exciting too.

I have read that it’s harder for stuff to get in, but harder to get out if it does, but that yeah, it should hopefully resolve the major issues.


Thanks for positive story. I’m not brave enough to upgrade yet but it’s good to see improvements. One day…


I’ve had no problems at all with the keyboard, battery or performance on the 2018 macbook pro. However usb audio is completely broken for a few interfaces (motu, rme among others) Trying a thunderbolt hub today which is mentioned on another thread here so fingers crossed i’m back to normal with that.


I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. I would hold out to see what they do next year, cuz they’ve been on a bit of a shitty trajectory with the quality vs price ratio.

I haven’t seen any info on that anywhere…
I have both a MOTU and RME interface, and use them often.

Like the drivers aren’t working?


I’ve got a RME Fireface UC and had issues like dropout with my 2018 MBP. They’ve been resolve using the CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 mini hub.

More infos here: https://www.forum.rme-audio.de/viewtopic.php?pid=136666#p136666


What. The. Mother. Fuck.

That sounds like a fucking nightmare.

And fuck me if I’m going to be another dongle/hub as a workaround (who on earth needs two HDMI ports on a “mini” hub?!).


Mine should be delivered today. :man_facepalming:


Yep. Annoying.

I wrote an email to Tim Cook about it. Hope he’ll reply and act in consideration. No kidding.


Happily using a mid 2014 MBP over here… mag safe, great keyboard, 2 thunderbolt, HDMI, SD card slot, no dongles to plug in a USB flash drive, etc…


So I’ve skimmed through a few threads now, but given how coy and “it’s clearly mentioned in post #156” the RME folk are on there*, it’s not really clear what the issue is.

I guess shit is fucked with any USB soundcards, and it’s “Apple’s fault”.

Does that mean it’s a hardware issue, or a software issue?

Is buying a(nother) fucking dongle the only solution?

Is having a normal USB(2) soundcard “a thing of the past” now?!

*I’ve really loved my RME, but the company presence and answers on that forum are a shit show. Real condescending and dicky.


I have used another USB2 audio interface with a 2018 MBP without issue. It was an edirol IIRC.

Without a specific dongle.


I did write to “Tim Cook” after my 3rd or 4th keyboard repair in a month, and was contacted back by the store manager of the local shop. He was quite helpful with the situation at the time, so I do think those emails get filtered “somewhere”.


Apple, um, did break class-compliant Firewire audio in exactly this same way back in 2010. Infuriating. I exchanged various bug reports with them for over a year (!) before they blamed Echo for my driverless audio interface’s troubles and shut my ticket. I’ve largely given up reporting bugs to Apple these days. They seem to pick a bus and drop support on everything else that isn’t that choice.
Very happy with RME UCX connected via Firewire PCI-X adapter (!). That would equate to a Thunderbolt hub indeed.


This all sounds like another great reason not to bother getting a new interface until my current 2010 MBP dies (or is put out to pasture for lower stress functions) and I know what I’m working with for a more long-term future. Sorry to hear about all these issues that are (understandably) infuriating. :confused: