Which MacBook should I buy?


I think the fact that there are a lot of devs / code enthusiast around here must be kept in mind. That’s still at that point for me, the only real argument I can find in favor of the current Mac offer (and it’s a big one if that’s a regular use case for you !). Other than that, I’d like to point out that all of those “windows is so awful in 2019” stories, I don’t relate to any of them, for me computers have been kind of set and forget kind of things for the past decade. My tower computers especially as there’s no second layer over windows made by the laptop manufacturers, I’ve had a tower computer for a decade working flawlessly, only recently changed because I couldn’t upgrade the RAM and add Thunderbolt so I switched to a new one and it’s been nothing short of amazing, stable and all for half the price the same config would cost for a mac. Also important, I can’t remember the last time I had a “driver issue” so that must be some kind of an issue for devs that you don’t have when you’re solely in the music / video realm so again, fine on that front.

For laptops I get that there might be more of a discussion but yeah, I’m on a HP Omen with 16GB of ram 512 SSD, i7 and some nice dedicated graphic card and I’m yet to have an issue there as well so I can’t really advise anyone against it IF UNIX IS NOT A PARTICULAR CONCERN. Isn’t that the bottom line of all of this ? NEED Unix (and a streamlined user friendly OS) ? Mac (or Linux if you’re hardcore). Don’t ? Well then you’ve got options, check them and adjust.


Hmm, tried doing exactly that, only using Ableton Live - otherwise same setup I think - built-in MBP mic and speakers, recorded one channel of me humming while turning off the Date & Time thing repeatedly.

Didn’t get any problems at all…

Yeah, I get some IOAudioEngine[<private>]::stopAudioEngine() logs whenever I unplug my interface, but not in any other scenario - but that is expected behavior, I believe?

Besides the TB3 dock, which is expected to work, I also use this dongle without any problems. What’s confusing is that Amazon has the hub titled “Thunderbolt 3” but I am sure it’s simply USB-C - TB3 is not mentioned anywhere in the listing and AliExpress for example also calls it a USB-C hub. Hope this helps somebody.


When you say the built-in mic and speakers, do you mean no soundcard at all? There’s no problem with that at all. In the video I posted I’m going in via a USB2 soundcard, and then monitoring via the built-in speakers. That causes the problem.


One thing to note: if the built-in soundcard is set to a different rate (e.g. 44.1kHz) than an external soundcard (e.g. 48kHz) you’ll get clicks and pops. That’s not a bug, that’s the natural result of different audio rates. Just to rule out a possible confounding factor here!


In my case I was running both at 44.1kHz, but yeah, that can run you into problems. I only did it for the video as it was easier to film with what I had on hand.


I have a 2011 maxed out MacBook Pro 15" and it’s still going strong. Music production, sound editing, Photoshop, video editing, animation, it all works as well as when I got it. I stopped upgrading the OS at some point and now there’s software I can’t upgrade, but nothing that really hampers work.


I feel extremely silly posting this, but I have a very unserious (and so very first-world) problem I can’t seem to solve. Space gray or silver? Thoughts, comments, experiences, indignation?

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Silver MacBooks are 5% faster


Space grey, obviously. It comes from space!


Added a poll to maximize sillyness


i’d go orange


PSA Legally Blonde is currently streaming on Netflix.



On a more positive note, a post from the RME forum about the latest developer beta:

Apple has made macOS Mojave 10.14.4 beta 5 available for developers. I quote:

…the most recent macOS Mojave developer seed contains changes that improve the reliability of USB audio devices.

We will be testing this version over the weekend.

So fingers crossed.

On a more negative note, the keyboard on my 2018 machine is acting a bit funny. One key got stuck for a bit (but cleared up after a couple of days), and now one of my shift keys feels a touch ‘mushy’.


I hope they fix High Sierra as well!


Space grey matches Norns. Silver matches grid :upside_down_face:


And the results are in…

According to our tests Beta 5 indeed fixes the various drop outs and clicks encountered with USB 2 on the 2018 Mac models.

And it also seems to fix a different issue that gave us a lot of grieve (this thread, which led to driver 3.08 on page 2). Hopefully the final macOS release will still have all these changes…

Just have to wait for the next beta to finally make it out (hopefully with all the changes in tact).


So does that mean that their constant blaming of the Apple chipset wasn’t true? They claimed so many times that it couldn’t be fixed unless Apple did something to their firmware/hardware (or something like that)…


I think Rodrigo is referring to this post:

Re: What’s the verdict on current Macbook Pros + USB RME interfaces?

Apple has made macOS Mojave 10.14.4 beta 5 available for developers. I quote:

…the most recent macOS Mojave developer seed contains changes that improve the reliability of USB audio devices.

We will be testing this version over the weekend.

Matthias Carstens


Yeah sorry, I should have linked/quoted the relevant bits.

Apple did in fact change something on their end for it to be working.


I don’t believe it was RME who stated that it was specifically a “chipset” issue, just that the problem was upstream of their driver’s ability to mitigate it. There were various theories floated, but I never saw an outright statement by them about exactly what the problem was - which frustrated many people but, considering as it’s not in their area of control, was probably wise.

They did state that bypassing Apple’s USB chipsets seemed to fix the problem, which perhaps gave rise to the sense that it was the chipset at fault, but I didn’t get the impression they intended to blame the chipset in specific to the exclusion of something fixable by the OS. And it’s entirely possible that Apple bundles firmware updates for some of these devices in OS updates (there is some sort of signature checking the OS and hardware do so they’d probably need to be kept in lock-step somehow… but I’m entirely theorizing here). It’s hard to say until (if!) Apple releases any further details what the actual cause was and if it’s actually fixed for good.