White Wale: Patterns with different length bug?

Hiya, when I change from a 8-step pattern to a four-step pattern on step 6 or seven the monome runs first to step 16 and then plays the new (4-step) pattern. Is it meant this way?

If the playback position at the moment when you set up the new “boundary” was outside of that boundary, then it will continue playing until it finds itself within the limits.
I believe that is normal behavior.
But if you change the pattern length when playback is on step 1-4 thenit will stay within bounds.

exactly! OK… no bug! Thanks for the quick answer!

hold ALT (top right) while setting loop points to auto-stay in the loop length upon loop selection.

this is in the newest firmware update, so you might need to update to get this.

Thank you!! I just installed yesterday the new firmware and enjoy exploring! This coming together of restriction on depths of modulation is so fascinating. It really brings a new level of improvisation bringing together structural and intuitive… Thanks again