White whale clock divider?

Is there a way i can change the clock division on the White Whale so i can write different speed patterns against other clocks?

Would be lovely to avoid a clock divider before my whale!

that would be pretty cool actually. IIRC the clock knob has no function when there is a clock signal passed in. having the knob divide or multiply the incoming clock could be fun!

+1 for this idea. Especially with @Oootini’s suggestion. If it is feasible, having the clock out slaved to the newly divided/multiplied signal could also turn this into secondary clock divider for additional modules as well.

this seems like a good idea. what divisions make sense?

“making sense” is difficult.
i always liked the 4ms QCD for it’s wide range of divisions/multiplications.
divs: /2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 16, 32
mults: x2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 16
having both divs and mults would be grand.

super idea!

while we are re-thinking white whale, one thing I always wish for is to be able to change the trigger/gate setting per channel rather than the all gates or all triggers…

I just got monome and white whale today!

It’s 5AM and here i’m, barely scratching the surface!

very impressed by the pace of the monome forums! people always reply private messages and topics get traction like this! amazing project / work guys!

is there a place with a list of feature requests?

maybe we should add those on the github repo, so any programmer would be able to help implementing this kind of functions?

@tehn considering that the current thinking is that we’d use the single turn clock pot to adjust divisions/multiplication, I’d recommend that we try and identify what the acceptable number of usable pot positions would be, and back out into which divisions/multiplications should be featured.

My guess is that we’ll only get about 5 divisions (pot position: 7 o’clock to 11 o’clock), 1 position for an unaffected clock (pot position: 12 o’clock), and 5 multiplications (pot position: 1 o’clock to 5 o’clock) before things start being too sensitive to accurately dial in a desired setting.

I think 5 div, center, 5 multiply is a good idea. That would allow for beat fun like the flame tame.

to be honest when i asked i was thinking about changing the division using buttons, like a “time mode”, but the knob idea of knob becoming a global multiplier when in slave mode is pretty cool too!

I was imagining each ( trigger ) track could be divided / multiplied on it own way, including the CV A and B tracks !

So for instance i could change from a pattern with FORWARD play to a pattern with RANDOM play, and on the RANDOM one have it double speed, and then come back 8D

that sounds cool, but would it require an extra page of controls? IMO, WW is already very dense with regard to paging and controls…

agreed… the knob control would make so much sense… yes to this

but the knob control would be available only if you slaving the clock to something else!

if you want to have one pattern at one speed and another pattern in another speed, it wouldn’t be possible to do with the knob!

Perhaps turning the knob WHILE holding down one of the 4 triggeer select buttons… to set the divisor value?

@hems well, you mentioned “against other clocks” yourself in the first post…

imo that feature would feel very natural, it already crossed my mind several times… But I also get your suggestion about the per pattern basis, and agree it would be awesome too.

Thanks for bringing this into discussion btw!

@laborcamp. Ooh! That’s a nice idea!

@laborcamp definitely a great idea, i would love to have this option on CV A and CV B as well.

At first i thought of a “global” division per pattern, which i believe would be a quite simple tweak.

BUT… Division per trigger / cv would be amazing!

In that case perhaps we would need to also update the playhead, so we can have 4 playheads ( going over the bottom 4 lines ) so we could see at which speed they are running compared to the “master playhead”… that would be mind blowing, i love the lights “walking” through the monome having 4 of them at different speeds would be such an inspiring eye candy!

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Interesting idea too. So the playhead lane would hard reset all? Or a new page for playheads alltogether?

This would be significantly different from current ww though…

exactly, this is starting to sound like “yesterday i dreamed of” hahaha

so i think a good solid next step would be to have a page for setting up a clock division/multiplication per pattern and then we take it from there?? ( :

Last time i coded C was more than 10 years ago, i must say i was surprised by some “new features” i saw in the code, hopefully i’ll make my way over it and help with some actual work instead of posting here…

any recommendations on resources about customising the firmware?

thanks guys!