White Whale CV-A and CV-B assignment question

Hi All,
I’m trying to wrap my head around how CV-A and CV-B is assigned relative to the grid’s 4 rows. Triggers is easy since it’s a 1-1 map matched vertically in the same order.

Since there is only two CV outputs, how is this mapped? is it statically mapped? ie row 1 is cv-a and row 2 is cv-b. or can you dyncamically map cv-a to any of the corresponding trigger rows and cv-b to any row?

if this is the case - can cv-a and b be mapped tot he same single row?

They are all independent. If you want to use Trigger 1 with CV A, then you plug the Trigger 1 out into your envelope/function and VCA that is also where the osc/source sequenced with CV A is being sent. They’re not correlated within the sequencer, it’s all about how you patch them to your sources and VCA’s.

Ok thanks, got that part, but when you apply the cv-a value for a particular step how is that correlated to the particular row on grids you are dealing with since there is only two available cv values compared to the 4 trigger rows? how do the cv-a and cv-b values match up on the grid?

is cv-a and cv-b statically mapped on grids on a particular row for grids? am i overthinking this? or underthinking this haha.

fyi, i just recieved my grids and white whale last night and haven’t had a chance to play with it hands on, was just tryiing to get an understanding of how it works at a high level before putting my paws on it.

There are 4 independent sequencers for triggers, one row per sequencer. one button per step per trigger track, on or off.

The two CV sequencers work differently. Each step has a column of 4 buttons per step. Depending on the position of the param knob, 0-4 buttons will light up when you press any button in the column for a step (fewer lights for lower voltages, more for higher).

It’ll make more sense when you try it.

Ok, i think i’m getting this, after reading the monome site: CV-A and CV-B values apply to all four trigger rows?

so you can’t have different cv-a values assigned to each individual trigger row?

Triggers are either high or low (on or off).

Not quite. The trigger rows and the cv sequencers are not in any way directly related. They share a clock and some of the sequencer settings, and they all run simultaneously. Other than that they are separate sequences. The trigger rows send triggers out of the four trigger out jacks, the cv sequences send cv (quantised or not) out of the two cv out jacks.

If you want to trigger an envelope so that the note from a cv sequence is played you can connect CV A to a oscillator then to a vca. You can then connect trigger 1 to the same vca or to an envelope then to the vca. Then you can sequence the note you want on CV A on the same step as a trigger on T 1.

Any correlation between the cv and trig sequences on WW are in how you use it, not how it works internally.

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Ok, this makes sense, i was trying to attribute some sort of 1-1 relationship which is where i was getting hung up. starting to make sense. gonna give a spin tonight. thanks everyone for the explanation on this.