White Whale CV A/B not outputting after turn off/on !?

I was just working on my White Whale and i felt like i did bad things to my pattern, so in order to “undo” i turned my whole modular off and on again and when it came back both A and B outputs are “mute”.

I don’t believe it’s a configuration on the patch because even new presets have the same issue :cry:

any ideas?

Did you actually save it? A power cycle means anything not saved will be gone…

it was already saved but then i decided to roll back to "before edittin, so i power cycled. the pattern came back to the previous state but CV A/B stopped being outputted…

As i said after turning it off for a few minutes and unplugging the monome before turning it on again, it all worked

there’s a chance that a fast power on-off-on may have left the DAC in a weird state of mid-transmission on the SPI bus and it got very confused. when power cycling digital stuff, be sure to power-off for at least a few seconds so any stored power in big caps can fully dissipate and turn everything off.

also-- a better solution to your problem would be to simply recall the preset with the button next to the usb cable. no reboot needed!

thanks for the explanation