White Whale: Cycling through presets without leaving edit mode?

Hello, is there a way to cycle between presets without having to go to “Song Mode” ?

If i’m not mistaken as soon as you leave “Song Mode” the patterns will stop cycling through…

Would be great we could setup “loop braces” on the patterns pretty much like we do with the pattern length?

So for instance clicking and holding PATTERN 1 then clicking PATTERN 4 would make them play one after the other in loop, pretty much like TR-606 ( i think the 808 / 909 do the same ) ?

This way a pattern could have 64 steps and then when you want to “Switch” to next 64 you just click+hold P5 then press P8 for the next 64 steps cycle ?

This could open a lot of possibilities:

  • Record 64 steps of CV instead of only 16?
  • Edit patterns that aren’t from the cycle while the cycle plays ( for instance let it loop P1-P4 but edit P6 )

Does that make sense? It’s been some time since i don’t come here so i might be missing something!

Hope you guys are doing well!



i really would love something like this on white whale :slight_smile:
and now with the new implementation by scanner_darkly of clock division/tap tempo and different tempos per pattern… (Clock div/mult for trilogy/ansible - beta testing) :smiley:

what about a request on github?

we still need usb pattern save/loading also! :wink:

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yeah having the white whale in edit mode while chainning patterns would be great, sort of x0x style!