White Whale firmware update and new guide

most wonderfully, a new manual and guide to the entire module:

secondly, a new firmware update:



  • in CURVE mode, holding META while transposing will transpose the entire pattern. Works for semitones, fine, and octaves.
  • in CURVE mode, holding META while generating a RANDOM step will generate RANDOM steps for the entire pattern, semitone quantized, with range dictated by the param knob.
  • hold META while selecting loop position to prevent position cut on first touch.


  • in CURVE mode, param knob input quantized to semitones. Hold CENTER after INPUT to bypass quantize. Works for LIVE input mode similarly.
  • in CURVE mode, RANDOM is now semi-tone quantized, and the range is determined by the param knob position.


  • CV mutes incorrectly changed edit mode (and out of SERIES mode). Now correct non-interrupting behavior.
  • series mode position end wraps correctly

great work on the manual, tehn! and an excellent update to the white whale firmware. thank you.

writing and diagrams by @Galapagoose


thanks, @Galapagoose! will do the update today.

ooh! new manual is scrumptious. Well done!

manual looks great. good work. and new firmware. yay :slight_smile:

This is great! Can’t wait to give it a go!
Manual looks thorough as well!
Thank you!

The new manual is great. It really helps me understand a few things I was still having trouble with.

Ungraded tonight. Dug through my mountain of cables and found a usb-a to a. Not sure why I had one but I can’t complain. First upload went fine, except it had a strange error where only the triggers worked but none of the cv channels did. Freaked out…paused…breathed deeply and redid the install. Zeus was on my side and now all is well. Slowly working my way through the manual, testing and exploring each page. Fun stuff.

Thanks for this ! Any news about a 256 version ?

This maybe stating the obvious, but installing the new firmware will delete all the saved patterns etc.


yes indeed, sorry! it’d be a massive job to create an export/import system.

ok, thanks for clarification.
i suspected as much.

Probably not the right place but can you guys tell me what Vpp is for the clock out? I have a po-12 but apparently it only likes 6vPP max for the clock in. Don’t want to hurt it.

clock out is 0-10v.

i’d hack in a voltage divider with two resistors on the input jack of the po-12.

cool. that is a very good idea :slight_smile:

Hi, still no 256 version coming up ?
i just bought a teletype, looking forward using my 256 with WW+Teletype.

i don’t want to harass, but is there any hope to see a 256 version one day ?

regretfully it’s very low on the priority list. most modular users have adopted using the 128, which we specifically designed these modules for.

are you hoping to use the 256 for both the computer and modular at the same time?

Conjunction of several factors :

  • i mainly use my 256 with a computer running an app using the full grid.
  • my 128 is non varibright and made with irrelevant custom colors.
  • it’s annoying to carry a 256 when using just the modular.
  • i don’t want to buy a fourth grid.

A solution to use the 256 with both the computer and the modular could be nice in some contexts, what do you have in mind ?