White Whale for Aleph - problem solved

Hello there,

I am trying to use the White Whale Operator on the Aleph and was wondering about two things:

  • Does the Meta button work entirely? I can’t do the Channel Transpose, for instance, or the entire CV curve randomization. Otherwise it seems to work properly.
  • How to store presets? I couldn’t find where to press, and it would be quite sad not to be able to recall anything…

Apart from that it is so amazing I am actually blown away. I somehow never really went into it so far, and only now do I realize how fantastic a sequencer it is. Oh by the way, does the version we have on the Aleph reflect the eventual modifications WW has had recently (firmware and all)?

Again Brian, thanks. This is soooooo cool!

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glad you’re enjoying it. the aleph op reflects v1 WW firmware-- a few changes were made after to the module code and were not migrated to the aleph op. sadly no presets in the aleph version-- there simply isn’t a way to do this inside of bees presently.

Ah yes I see, I was also wondering how you’d do that. Any chance we get an update to keep up with the new firmware, apart from that? Also, and more important to me, when I am sending a gate out I understand the value should be 0 or 1, and it should only be sent when there is a change. But what I have experienced so far is just a 1 as soon as a value is sent, and then no change ever, so that nothing else gets out and the value stays at 1 no matter what. Or did I misunderstand something?

that sounds like an error. you’re saying the four trigger pulses aren’t working?

Well all I can say is they are sending 1, and then they stay there no matter what. I checked it with a Bignum, and it’ll just stay there. I am multiplying the value by 32767 and it is sent, but then it remains constant, even though I remove the trigger in WW. I can mute it as well, or even stop the Metro - nothing will stop it. My guess is that whenever there is no trigger it should go down to 0, right?

From when I had an aleph… I remember needing to use a toggle operator to get the alternating 0 1 for gates. Try that out.

Good idea but same issue: now each trigger switches at each step, even when there is no trigger or when the whole thing is muted. Thanks anyway but it seems to me the issue remains the same…

These archive threads might be of assistance:




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That was it, thank you so much!

You need to do Metro -> Tog (32767) -> WW
Then - and only then - it’ll work correctly. It could be great to include it in the tutorial, don’t you think so?
Anyway I am very happy about that, and again thank you.
Problem solved.

Sorry to reactivate this, but I just tried that again (Metro -> Tog (32767) -> WW) and now I can’t possibly get anything else than values of 1, which never go back to 0. The only difference is that the tempo gets divided by 2… Is it just me, has WW been updated with a bug (I used skektek’s last Bees version) or could anyone check it up? @tehn @skektek @glia

Bug confirmed: I downloaded an old version of Bees and everything is working again. I have no clue why, though, but it is a fact.

I made some possibly controversial changes to white whale! I don’t find the current version ‘buggy’, but behaviour is certainly different. Documentation is not consistent with what I’ve done (sorry!). I’ll write something about usage of the current version - check the acid demo scene to see how I’m using ww.