White Whale/Grid power requirements

Hi All,
Waiting on delivery of a Grid and WW combo and just want to do a sanity check on my case power supporting the combo.

I’ve got a Pittsburgh Modular EP-420 which has 3 separate power supplies for a total of 5AMPS of 5v power.
I’m assuming this is more than adequate as each power supply has about 1.66 AMPs of 5v power available?

thanks for any verification on this.

I have been using a Structure EP-208 with the full trilogy and it has been fine so you will definitely be in good shape with the case mentioned. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind the 600ma is maximum draw with a Grid attached. Unless you have multiple grids, 1A of 5v should be enough so you’re in great shape.

Although my Intellijel 7U case with its TPS80 power supply does provide more than enough +5 V power at 1500 mA, connecting the Grid directly to the WW produced a high-pitched noise in the audio out. This noise went away when I used the monome Switch to supply power to the Grid.