White Whale grounding issues

Using my white whale with ‘switch’ in a small (84hp) case and it works pretty well (the most picky clock in of any of my modules but that’s kind of another story). When I do send clock in to ww (pulse from laptop out of sound card) I get a horrible high pitched, grounding issue type noise, It happens when I connect ww to any module connected to my output (rosie). No other module I own with clock in does this so I’m not sure why ww does. As a fix I’m sending the pulse from my sound card to a make noise function in and using it’s eor output (or just + output) to send the clock to ww. This completely solves the noise problem but that way I lose the use of the make noise function (and that’s a pretty big deal in 84hp). Note; I’m using switch with ww and I replaced a cap on the my 128 that was causing the grid to make some noise. Sorry for the long post but wanted to thoroughly describe the circumstances, would love to get this sorted somehow (any ideas @tehn ) . Thanks.

have you tried ground-lifting the power supply to your modular? i can’t explain what’s going on with the clock input. is the sound card self or bus powered?

furthermore, is the grid powered directly from the WW? or with ext5v/switch?

Wow that was fast. The grid is powered from ext5v/switch which is attached to a row power 30. On the clock side of things, any pulse i send the clock in tends to either make it progress 2 steps or jump about all over the place, like I said doesn’t happen with any of my make noise stuff or noise engineering so who knows. Seems like it wants a very specific pulse which I haven’t found yet, I even tried recording clock out, cutting that up and using that from ableton. My sound card isn’t dc coupled so I can’t send out just a positive pulse I guess (not too experienced with that stuff). Cheers

Shit sorry, totally didn’t answer your questions. Sound card is bus powered and no haven’t tried ground lifting power supply, sounds scary!

Is there something I could diy, like a little 2hp ground lifting mult thing that I could send the pulses to before sending to ww? Fairly handy with a soldering iron but not too hot on power supplies and grounds in euro.

$1 at the hardware store, not scary

also i’m not confident a soundcard that is not dc-coupled can do pulses… though i have no experience with this. if you check your output on a scope it’s likely a very bouncy signal. the WW firmware would need to be tuned, or the input circuit on the frontend. you may be able to do a simple RC debouncer with a cap and resistor, but i can’t really get you further into that.

OK, thanks for all that. I’ll investigate further. Have a good afternoon.