White Whale mod for grid 256 [beta]

a firmware mod to add support for grid 256 to whitewhale eurorack version. this mod wasn’t nearly as straight forward as meadowphysics since it required some changes to the user interface. i tried to carefully consider different options, and i hope this version will provide good usability - i would love to hear ideas on how it can be improved though!

here is how it’s different from the 128 version:

  • the bottom part always displays either CV curves or CV map for CV A and CV B, unless you’re on presets or series page
  • you can edit both CVs simultaneously - this includes input with the param knob and live input! you can even use the param knob while having different steps selected on A and B
  • since you can edit CVs at any time rows 4-8 are not used for that anymore. instead they will display either probability or CV map preset, if the chosen CV is in the CV map mode [you can still switch to probability when on CV map preset page by pressing alt+mutes]
  • series page will extend to all rows now

when editing in CV map mode the current step is shared between A and B - is there a great benefit for being able to edit them independently? that’s just the current step selection, you can still select scale tones independently.

there are many possible submodes when using white whale, which makes it time consuming to test all the possible variations, so please consider this a beta version, and i will greatly appreciate help with testing / bug reporting. the usual reminder, when you flash it will remove your presets.

whitewhale.hex (141.3 KB)

github: https://github.com/scanner-darkly/whitewhale/commits/grid256


forgot to add, this should work on non VB grids just like the original firmware. i have no way of testing it though, so feedback would be very helpful.

Wow, this is really great work! I’ll load it onto my ww and start trying it out. I’ll report back if i think of any ideas or find any bugs!
Thank you!

Do you have any idea of much 5v the modules are drawing now?
I should have plenty, but do you know if it will be approximately the same maximum 5v draw, just double, as there is now double the leds to light up? So an approximate max of 1200mA of 5v?

good question but i don’t have a definite answer to that. i imagine the grid should still be within the USB spec max which is 500mA i think but i can’t confirm for sure - perhaps @tehn can comment on that?