White Whale on the Aleph - OP changes

Hello everybody,

So after starting to work with WW I thought it could be great to add extra possibilities, mainly with the 4 triggers: they are indeed sending 0 or 1 and are clearly intended for rhythmic stuff, but they could make for a very simple yet sweet musical sequencer if ever we could use the position of the playhead. Indeed, as it is there is no such information, so all I could do was either to set a couple of MUL operators and modify the value of each trigger line on the go with an encoder (quite limited) or to set random values modified each time the WW clock ticks. Quite fun, but well…

So here’s the idea, and maybe some of you guys can push it further: if there was an output called POS (like in the STEP operator) then it would be possible to use the Triggers with a LIST16 in order to make a sequencer sending fixed notes as well, and that would potentially leave the two CV for something else. It would then be easy to use the encoders to send the different values in the LIST16, or to modify them all at once…

What do you guys say? Any other idea about this?

By the way I did record some music today with the triggers sending notes through WW and Waves, with an OTO Biscuit and a Macbeth Elements synth. And damn it it was a lot of fun already!! Anyway any help in making this work will be greatly appreciated, and I’ll share the first scene working with this once it is rolling!

Would you consider it?

White Whale is amazing, it’s a real instrument and it takes quite
some time to get used to it, but in combination with WAVES and/or a
modular synth it is absolutely fantastic!

All the best,

keep in mind that changing the in/out count on an OP will break scene compatibility.

here’s what you need to do, file name and line numbers shown:

20:   op_out_t outs[7];

this adds an output.

14: static const char* op_ww_outstring ="TR0\0    TR1\0    TR2\0    TR3\0    CVA\0    CVB\0    POS\0    ";
203: op->super.numOutputs = 7;
221: op->outs[6] = -1;
574: net_activate(op->outs[6], pos, op);

add output name, add output number, init output, send position to node on clock update.

really, it’s that easy.

but-- this code is untested. i’m away from an aleph test unit for a few days.

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Waow thank you so much - I will try it out tomorrow evening and will report. This is going to be a lot of fun!! Oh by the way, if I make a scene out of it I won’t be able to share it unless we make a new release version of Bees, right?
Ezra should put out v0.7 very soon, should we ask him to wait a little and add this one once tested?

Ah yes one more question, also: it’s impossible to use WW and MP at the same time on the Aleph, right? I tried to use a Switch to have focus on one only at a time, but it didn’t work. Could have been nice to switch like this with the unfocused OP still working in the back, although I suspect it would literally eat up the CPU…

not sure about MP/WW at once. it’d be asking a lot of that little chip. i can test later on.

it’d be good to add any OP changes before the 0.7 goes out officially.

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It works beautifully. Thanks Brian, I’ll make a simple scene to show what I had in mind as soon as the new release is done - this is really cool!

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revisiting this