White Whale Parameter change


I’ve been watching the tutorial videos for the white whale and there is one specific type of function that is not according to the tutorial demos. At 3:50 in this video; https://vimeo.com/105408057 we are taught to “assign param knob value by holding alt then pressing bottom left”, but when I do this I get in to the scale’s selection screen because it’s the same button combination for selecting scales…

I’m very confused… - How do I do what is shown in the video? Because nothing happens when I try to do it; I hold the shown button on my grid and I change the value of the param knob simultaneously but to no avail…


i’m away from my setup now, but i think this method with the param knob doesn’t work when your CV channel is in the scale map mode. As far as I know the only way to change values in that mode is with the grid itself.

I see, it makes perfect sense if this is the case.
I was under the impression you could do so in the scale map mode - it sure looks like it from the video…
Thanks for the help mate.

Now I’m wondering if this is a feature that was removed in a later firmware. I watched the video and now definitely understand what you mean. I tried the same gestures with my system late last night but couldnt get it to to work. Perhaps someone else can chime in and enlighten us if they know?