White Whale problems :(

Hi community! First time using a White Whale module (bought used) with my old and beloved 64. Using Switch to provide power, i had a problem since i connected it. The lights on triggers 1-3 are constantly on (the first one takes a little more). No lights on CV outs, no light on Clock. The 1-3 outs send a trigger in regular intervals, without tempo changes from the clock knob. No lights on the Monome 64, no changes by pushing buttons. I’ve read the instructions, saw the tutorials…maybe a firmware problem? I’m thinking in updating it. Last user used it on a Cell 90 from Pittsburgh, I’m on a Cell 48. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

My first guess would be that it is power related. The power supply for the Cell 48 only supplies +/-12V according to this. I believe the WW requires a +5V rail even when using a Switch (but I could be wrong).

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correct. you need 5v internally. something like this will do:


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thanks for your fast replies! more noob that a noob on modular…i saw the 16 pin connectors, but i didn’t realized that the cable coming from the power supply was only connecting 10 pins :confused: