White Whale questions

-If I have an inner loop going is the only way to break out of it back to the 16 step loop to press 1+16? Kind of a bummer if so since it takes 2 hands to do that on a 128 monome.
-Is there any easy way to just stop the sequence from running?
-Is there any work around to introduce swing?

I might be wrong:

  • yes, indeed
  • plug in a loose cable to the clock (yes, also not very satisfying)
  • apply swing to incoming clock (google it adding “muff” for recipes)

I really hope a feature is added that would allow the sequence to stop, but keeps the clock going. Seems like a huge oversight that makes it much more tricky to work this into live sets.

You can always just keep one of the 16 sequences blank, and cut to that one when you want to “stop” without interrupting the clock.


Also, answer to your first question is yes, you can do it with one hand:

press two adjacent buttons in sequence: right one first, then the one directly to the left of it. So: two fingers, first right then left, which effectively highlights the entire 16 step sequence.


those are good tips, thanks

is quantization available on all versions? i haven’t gotten the cable yet to update to newest vers.

having trouble with the quantize page. cv outs don’t seem to quantize and the quantize page doesn’t appear/look the same as the one in manual.

i am new user so probably user error here or a version issue…

learning a lot as i explore.

my big questions are:

slew implementations? can i do slew at all?

quantization. i get the bumping around of pitches in normal editing per cv out (a/b), but when i go to try and change the quantization setting by hitting top right then bottom left, it starts copying the one note to all steps, thereby erasing my sequence and not getting me to the change quantization scale page. surely i am doing it wrong but i keep getting the same results and no change to quantization.

The ‘quantization’ (or scale) selection is only active in CV ‘Map’ mode. You need to enter map mode by holding ALT (top-right) and pressing a CV channel selector in the top row (see: ‘CV Map’ section near the bottom of this: http://monome.org/docs/modular/whitewhale/).

Once you’ve entered this mode you should hear an ascending scale if you have the CV output attached to a 1v/8ve oscillator input. You can then choose your scale by holding ALT and pressing the bottom-left key to display the scale options.

There is no slew available for the WW’s CV outs.

thank you sir!

slew seems like it would be really fun and i am guessing it could be implemented fairly easily. i would request it if requests were being fielded for future firmware versions. like maybe a slew page so a per step slew amount or even just a global slew amount and a toggle for on/off per step.

is it possible to have 1v/o cv outs be different row lengths. like a 6 beats long and b 9 beats long? i would also request that possibility as no better reason than poly-rhythms elevate the soul and i bet it could be fairly easily implemented.

Even with WW, I was eyeing Metropolis for a while. Then there was Teletype. I do realize that the addition of an MP and TT to the WW would be awesome.

Would a Metropolis be a nice complement at all, for clock and performance, in addition to the WW? There are some workarounds for a reset on WW, I guess. Just trying to get to grips with wether the complexities of event generation in TT outweighs the fun of knobs and sliders.

How much of Teletype’s allure lies in the retro fun of command lines, and how practical is it? Coming from a non-coding background, I’d like to understand how practical TT is. Many thanks.

Would it ever be possible to multiply or divide the external clock coming into the WW and have independent tempos on the trigger outputs?

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oh my do i love the idea of implementation of clock mult/divide (and potential slew on cv outs). those would be huge, and would nudge into great usability while i think keeping sequencer intuitiveness intact.

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Ha! Have a sketch with that functionality amongst others… To be seen how far summer project will progress…


I’m guessing this didn’t get implemented? Would be amazing I think. I also wondered, is there a way to set the bpm of WW precisely using Teletype ?

i did work on clock div/mult but wasn’t able to implement it to my satisfaction. slew would be cool, but it doesn’t support it right now (you could use one of the gate outputs and an external slew limiter as a workaround).

teletype/ww don’t have a remote op for clocking, but you could just use BPM op on teletype to set the metro script rate, then use one of the trigger outputs on teletype to clock ww via its external clock input.


Thanks for that. Appreciative

On reflection… it’s such a shame to loose a precious trig out on the TT for simple clocking. WW’s clock out serving as a master clock on behalf of TT would just be ideal. Is this feasible do you think?
Warmth, R

You could wrap it the other way. Use WW as master clock (now you have a dedicated knob!) and send it to a trigger input on TT. Yes, you sacrifice a trigger input on TT, but it means you get to use TT’s metro independently of the WW clock.

I thought about that, however for my purposes I would loose the ability to set a precise bpm.
Perhaps I’m alone in thinking this would be incredibly useful.

Another up shot of it being a remote op, IF the aforementioned clock div/mult was also able to be implemented, you would be able to clock WW remotely AND use WW’s clock out in a highly performative manner. This seems brilliant to me.