White Whale questions


yeah, having a ww clock op would be useful either way. i might add more remote commands for all of the trilogy modules and ansible at some point in the future and if that happens i’ll add this as well. probably not with clock div/mult though.

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Ace, Thanks for hearing me.


I wondered if there is any appetite to add this clock op for whitewhale? (Indeed i would love to see a clock op too for ansible cycles and MP).


my plate is pretty full right now, if somebody else has the desire to look into this i’ll be happy to help!

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When the WW (v1.5.0) is in Series Mode, is it possible to fully reset the mode back to the very first step?

The docs say to hold ALT + leftmost column which does cut to the top position, but it waits until the last sequence has been fully played out. I want the next clock tick to start at position 1 of the first series.


Same question as @AtomStates. I have a few patterns stored in series on a White Whale that I like to sync with a with a sequence on Ansible running Kria, and a TT using a tracker (everything is connected via i2c). I usually sync on TT with Sync 0; WW.Sync 0; Kr.Res 0 0, but I get weird results on the White Whale. Kria and TT patterns sync up just fine with this. But White Whale is usually out of phase with TT and Kria. I have to exit series mode, run the sync script again, and time my button pressing right while I re-enter Series mode to get things to sync correctly. If it don’t time it perfectly while I get back into Series mode, the sequence on White Whale plays a few steps, then restarts at the beginning of the sequence causing it to be out of phase again. If that happens, I exit Series mode and try again. Is there a feature I’m overlooking in Series mode?