White Whale ribbon cable alignment

Purchased a used WW that arrived yesterday (thanks, @t4w!) Per the WW documentation:

Align the ribbon cable so the red stripe corresponds to the white indicator on the rear of the module’s circuit board.

When I connect the cable in this fashion, the module does not power up or power the grid. If I reverse the ribbon cable, it powers up and works as expected. I’m using a Pittsburgh Modular EP-96 case: https://pittsburghmodular.com/structure-1/

What am I missing here? Is this something unique to the +5v on the Pittsburgh power supply? Am I going to fry the WW if I continue using it like this? Thanks!

can you post photos of the ribbon cable, where it attaches to the power supply, and it connected to the WW?

This image shows how the ribbon cable is connected when everything seems to work fine.

Based on that photo you are just fine now.
The ribbon cable is made "backwards.
Typically red stripe indicates the -12V, and as you can see on the bus board the -12 is on the unmarked side of the ribbon cable. So as long as the -12V side matches the “white stripe” on the module (or otherwise marked indicating -12V) you should be fine.


Great, thanks for verifying!