White Whale strange behaviour


I’ve run in to some problem with my White Whale; the previous owner said that the clock input makes the module crash - stops the clock and you have to power off the system to get it’s functionality back. I can live with that, but I would really like to update the firmware to the latest version of Kria available for the White Whale.
I’ve come a cross a issue again with this module when I try updating the firmware – I also have a meadowphysics by the way which I could update just fine with the same USB cable and computer.
The problem is that my White Whale remains undetected (I’ve tried multiple computers) so I can’t execute the patch command. It works just fine when I connect it to my Grid though.

Is the USB connector different in any way on the White Whale compared to the Meadowphysics tech wise that could interfere maybe?
Or maybe it’s just bork. :slight_smile:

provided you’re able to update the MP (right?) and so the method is correct, you can just send in the WW for a fix. e-mail info@monome.org