White Whale vs Ansible vs Meadowphysics

HI All,
Somehat new owner of a grid/white whale/meadowphysics setup and absoblutely loving the white whale for sequencing, espcially the for live applications and triggering different parts of the sequence.

Quesion is, is the Ansible a directly replacement for both White Whale and Meadowphysics? the sequencing seems to be a little different from my limited reading.

the ww and meadow are my onlyl modules that take 5v and i’m thiking about upgrading my psu in my rig to linear with just 12v power. thinking about picking up an ansible and selling mthe ww and meadow.

good idea/bad idea?

No idea on the modules as I don’t own any of them - sorry.
But, there are plenty of linear power supplies that include 5v lines in them if that’s the only reason for contemplating swapping them out.

Used to own a White Whale, which I had shifted over to the Kria firmware (which shares space in Ansible with what seems to be a slightly different Meadowphysics, due to hardware). WW + Kria are similar beasts (playable sequencers), but very different performative tools. AFAIK, White Whale only lives on its module.

Would you say teh WW is a better live performance tool vs the kria firmware? really digging the WW now for live triggering of the sequence.

I own about 35+ modules and only two of them(WW and Meadowphysics) require 5V. I’d like to not have teo install a 5v rail if i can avoid it for two modules.

My advice would be to load Kria onto your WW and try it for a while. For me, Kria was the answer to my sequencing needs. I still keep my WW around so I can also run Orca if I want. The MP is nice due to its ability to be a great clocking device if you are already running Kria on an Ansible.

To answer your question, Ansible is not a direct replacement but very very close and you could make a case to keep all three, really. Its easy enough for you to find out if Kria would work for you if you think you’ll want to make the switch.

Or… you could pick up a Monome Switch and not have to change anything.

oh yeah forgot about the switch!

I think monome switches are not that available but @saintcloud just posted one for grabs in this thread.

Whoops! My bad! I take that back!

Yep would still like it to power the my grid. I"m also trying to troubleshoot either grond loop or some unwanted noise since adding my grid to the system.

let me know how much shipped to song hong:
6615 Gunn Dr.
Oakland, CA 94611


If you check out that anisible and grid power issues thread it is about the noise issue. It looks like tehn is working on a simple dongle solution of some sort to kill the extra noise issue that has been prevalent with the grid attached to ansible,

i have an ansible running kria and a white whale sitting next to each other in my skiff, and they work great as a team. they have very different feels and applications to me - WW for the more simple loop / xox style sequencing and kria for the more polyrhythmic / phasing patterns. WW is the tree, kria is the birds.


I have two Ansibles, WW, and Earthsea in my rack. Similar to @madeofoak, I like Kria for polyrhythms/phasing, WW for step sequencing, and then I add Earthsea for note loops and the other Ansible is usually in Cycles mode with my Arc. I don’t often use all four at once, but it has happened.

I also love Ansible in MP mode…

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