White Whale + walk?

Hey gang,

I have a white whale and I was thinking about getting Walk as a way to change steps and free up my hands. The walk page says it pairs well with the white whale. I just want to make sure I don’t need teletype also as a go between. Has anyone gone direct from walk to white whale?

Thanks for any input!

you’ll need something like an external switch module as well i would have thought. eg. http://www.doepfer.de/a150.htm

You can connect walk directly to ww to provide the clock source, no external modules needed. Using the momentary outs directly allows you to step through your sequence manually. This works super well if you’re controlling some kind of chords with the CV channels of ww, or have triggers setting a number of parameters elsewhere in your patch.

I’ve also found it interesting to use the XOR or AND outs to advance the ww clock, while using the momentary & toggle outs of walk to rhythmically step through ‘sub-sequences’.

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Fantastic thanks so much for the feedback!