Who is using Terms?

I’m just getting started. Already making music. Only tried Flin and Polygomé so far. I have questions.

Is anyone controlling ableton from their modular? It would be great to mess with the master clock.

Do / can you remotely control the scales? and other options within the m4l modules?

Can one edit the patterns and presets in Polygomé? Create new ones? Are Flin settings saved? Can presets or patterns be created within Flin?

More questions coming.

I do use terms quite often and also use ableton to control my modular. If i’m not mistaken presets cannot be saved so I just send audio out to a new track and then convert that audio back to midi, usually comes out pretty close. I use press caf’e as a sidechain source. I also use the arpeggiator and other midi plugins to control the clock of my modular.
As for your other questions, I don’t really delve that deep so I’ll leave those out there.

i went full circle with controlling the modular with ableton.
I got an ES-40/ESX8CV/GT/ES7 setup for expertsleepers, but mainly what you want is soundcard for sync basically
once you have that it can be ableton, reaktor whatever you want to control the modular.
right now on my second rig i have
midi clock coming from elastic drums on ipad --> Octatrack–Analog Rytm
Then the RYTM controls my tb303 which send CV/Gate to 0-coast and then O-coast is also getting midi clock from the chain and it sounds pretty good. then i send that to the 12U to run meadowphysics/WW etc.

To be clear - I want to control the Ableton clock from my modular rather than vice versa. It’s a pretty huge step my even considering having a computer on stage :wink:.

Maybe this could be something for you?


I cannot say much about Terms though.

I used to use terms. It’s very easy to record a pattern. Put terms in a midi track and a synth into another track. Send the midi data from Terms track to the synth track and use this last one to record. Voilà.

Now I’m using Mutable Instruments CVPal to control the tempo of the modular with Ableton in order to sync some visuals.

This looks ideal for me. Many thanks!

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