Who wants to help fund a port of meadowphysics 2

I think we should donate to someone who can find the time and has the skills to port this bad ass patch! Who’s with me?


Port it to where? The Max version can already speak to other apps via MIDI.

I believe the desired port destination is max for live. I, too, would quite enjoy a m4l version of meadowphysics 2…

Are there some specific Live features you want this port to take advantage of? What makes the M4L version different from the Max version (aside from UI layout)?

Yes max for live, sorry I didn’t specify. Having an m4l version is huge for me. Then I can use it with all the terms patches. I have not figured out a way to use m4l patches and patches that just run in max together simultaneously. Autofocus does not work with both.

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OK, now I understand. Not promising anything at all, but I will store this away in the back of my mind, and if I happen to get around to it, llllllll.co will be the first to know. :wink: Maybe someone will beat me to it.

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It’s a start! @jasonw22


Yeah, this would be dope. Meadowphysics is my new favorite thing.

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One day……one day………

Alright, who’s down? I’ll throw cash at this immediately. The teletype interface from the @elquinto meadowphysics port is essential, too.


Just thinking about meadowphysics again and what you did with control. Is this bridge you made something that I could hack to make it work with meadowphysics? My intuition says no but what do I know?

@jasper_ryder yes, this should be possible. You’d need to add udpsend and udpreceive in the main patch (make sure send and receive ports are the same as in the M4L device – but different from control-bridge or you can’t use them together). give the serialosc bpatcher in the M4L device the same argument as the one in meadowphysics. now just send grid output from M4L to meadow en send LED output from meadow to M4L

That’s great news! I will try and make this happen. Thanks. :smiley:

I don’t have a full max license so I can’t save any changes to the original meadow maxpat. I don’t think there is a work around this in the m4l editor. Maybe I will start a trial version so I can try this.

The udpsend stuff looks pretty minimal but the udpreceive has a lot more going on. Would it be all of these parts/objects/messages basically? (tried to get most of the group in the shot)

@jasper_ryder I took some time today to put this in a M4L format. Just copy/pasted and edited it a bit for optimal M4L usability. I didn’t go deep into the app (never actually used it) but it seems to work.

Meadowphysics 2 M4L.amxd (475.0 KB)


Well what can I say, you just put everything together so quickly man. Thank you. Will try it out later today.

So when you copy and pasted it over to m4l do you include the externals by freezing it then? Was just looking up what freezing does. What order do you have to do all that in?

+1 for M4L version

-1 for the fact that Cycling '74 doesn’t provide a ‘port to M4L’ button. this is not a problem that anyone should have to routinely solve. this is a major design oversight in my view.

Try the M4L version @ithkaa just posted right above these last few posts and see how it goes. I have not tried it yet.

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haha, thanks. i was blinded by rage :wink: