Who's on your bus? aka "Let's find I2C buddies!"

crow is coming to unite us all in cable-free bliss! But the number of eligible hardware permutations is staggeringly large. It’s feeling a bit like that scene in Akira; ya know, the one where your rack blob-assimilates itself into a collective consciousness? But I digress.

Find your bus buddies

The purpose of this thread is to find llllllll users with similar eurorack I2C (II in monome parlance) hardware. Please also note which USB hosts you hope to use (e.g. norns, PC, none). This, I hope, will foster some microcommunities who spin off their own script development efforts and can support each others’ crow-ducation.

Once you have identified a group of like-bussed individuals, perhaps a private message group or separate thread would be more appropriate for development of your individual scripting goals.


I’ll begin!

I have two I2C buses.

  1. ER-301 + 16n leader
  2. Teletype + TXi + Just Friends + 16n follower

I have no hosts but hope to use a homebrew norns someday.

I am initially interested in JF-centric melodic scripts with or without Teletype and 16n. Also, crow + ER-301 + 16n scripts.

I have one i2c bus:

  • Teletype (leader, always)
  • ER-301 (follower, always)
  • 16n (follower, always)
  • TXo (follower, always)
  • TXi (follower, always)
  • Ansible (usually follower, occasionally leader, and when it is I either don’t use Teletype i2c, or do so knowing that I could possibly lock up a module or drop messages)

My initial thought is to use a PC and Druid for live-coding and script upload to crow. I may add norns at some point. Might at least initially put crow on the same bus and (similar to Teletype and Ansible) only use Teletype and Ansible for CV when crow is leader.

Not sure what I’ll use crow for yet - no particular expectations. Just looks like a very versatile and amazing little module and want to be part of the journey, wherever it leads.

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I have not used i2c yet but my list is:
Just friends

Looking forward to wiring and debugging an stable setup.

Here’s my current i2c setup:

Just Friends

I’m excited about the range of possibilities regarding Crow in terms of reconfiguring the leader/follower routing or having two simultaneous networks operating in parallel (ex: Teletype --> Ansible --> W/ in association with Crow --> Just Friends).

  • TT
  • ES
  • AS
  • WW
  • JF
  • W/

I’d expect to have Norns/Crow on one bus, and TT on a second one. Hmm, I2C switch matrix would be a nice thing!!


I have the same setup @SwainVoorman .

I’m currently thinking two simultaneously networks might be the better route, instead of having to potentially keep track of the leader/follower situation across different patches/sessions.

I’m planning on this configuration to start with:

  • Teletype Ansible
  • Crow Just Friends W/ Norns

I also have a 16n which isn’t being used for i2c at the moment. Hmm…

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This post could have been written by me. I have the exact same setup and I too have ordered Crow with no particular expectations! I will be very interested to hear how you integrate Crow in your system!


I guess we are i2c buddies, then!


Just Friends

Norns as host.

This whole multi-bus discussion has got me thinking :thinking: Not exactly sure how I’d split things up quite yet. I ended up placing an order for crow when I started dreaming about the possibilities of event-based modular/softcut interaction.


I’ve beem trying to get 16N to talk with my ER301, without success yet. But eventually my setupp will hopefully be:
Just Friends

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Currently running:

a handful of W/

but I have a crow coming and no real idea what paths it will take me down. I have two small eurorack cases that I split stuff between, so I’m interested in running two different i2c paths.

Now that Crow has been released, I’ve modified my setup.

Bus 1: (Norns) -> Crow + TXo + 301. Crow will act as a translator/bridge between Norns and 301 + 1 TXo.
(A 16n will be connected to Norns via USB midi and not to the i2c bus, grid and other midi gear also connected to Norns via USB and then I’ll script something so they can access the bus through Crow and talk to the 301 and TXo too, well they talk to Norns, then Norns talks to Crow and Crow spreads the word :D)

Bus 2: Since I’ve removed the Teletype (Master) which used to be in my main case I’ve installed it in another Eurorack case with 2 TXo and a 16n (i2c follower)

Both busses won’t be connected to each other.

OH I FORGOT ABOUT GEODE :exploding_head: We always forget Geode! And thus my first crows concept:

Any other Geode enthusiasts?

I’m thinking that keeping crow and Teletype on separate buses might be a good idea. TT as crow development playground? Guh, now I want an I2C mini patchbay panel…

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I think that Teletype is another way of thinking and coding that’s primarily why I’ve installed it in its own case dedicated to rhythm, drums, percussions. + It’s a “Master” and I want to avoid “confrontation”/ conflict between it and Crow :-)) Each one has its own kingdom :smiley:

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XOR Electronics said on the orthogonal devices forum that the NerdSEQ will get an i2c expander!

Currently i have bus 1: faderbank→301 and bus 2: (grid)+Teletype + TXo.

i’m quite tempted to go with a similar solution. That would mean all controllers would be USB powered (less cables) but in a trade-off i would end up with a mandatory external computer (laptop or norns).
I have yet to investigate how much faster i can script control schemes on said computer than on teletype. I’ll probably lean towards this less-overhead situation. (?)

One bus.

TT as leader, then…
WW running polyearthsea
16n faderbank

I’ve got a crow on they way in tandem with Fates once they’re ready. I also have plans to make an I2c switchable hub to shunt modules onto a non TT leading bus when using polyearthsea.

Current bus:
16n (leader) to ER-301 (follower)

When a certain package is delivered, second bus:
Crow (leader) to JF (follower)

Would love to have all four on same bus. I guess that would involve making 16n a follower that sends to Crow as leader which then reroutes that data to ER-301 & JF?

Very curious to see where this conversation leads!

SSP has an i2c port, but I don’t believe Bert’s programmed any hooks for it in the software just yet. That’s essentially waiting on a clear use case, which hopefully Crow users will make obvious for him with the above configurations.