Who's using Mira and M4L?

Hello there,

I’m thinking of using Mira in my live setup. I want to use it in M4L only. The basic idea is to have a set of controls over each live set, with faders, knobs, X/Y pads, and names so I can have the few controls I need for each song, and ONLY these controls, clearly labelled. I intend to have one Mira controller for each live set, each one being a song and thus being closed/open a dozen times in a gig.
I’m mostly concerned with possible stability/connection issues. I want it to be 100% (99.99%?) reliable.

Has anyone a long-time experience with it ?

A few things happening here that scare me currently (I believe I am using an ipad 3, usb connected) :

  • Lost connections when editing the Max device. Sometimes hard to retrieve after a crash.
  • Not sure about what connection to use : often I got “USB (Mac Only)” and iMac, sometimes iMac2
  • Sometimes, text on live.text are blank

Thanks for the help !


I do have some experience with it. I develop the Setlist M4L device that is used by big names in the hiphop world. I’ve added a Mira view to it so artists and their DJs can both visualize and control the setlist from the iPads.

In my experience Mira is good but far from perfect. I haven’t received any major bug report from the people using it but I’ve had some connection problems here and there (although most of times it had issues connecting but I’ve never had it drop out on me).

I’ve definitely seen it show the same computer more than once but I believe this happens because it considers the instance loaded into Ableton and the patch loaded in Max as separate instances. This hasn’t bothered me as much tho.

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Thanks for sharing.
In your case of use I understand that losing connection is not likely. In my case I would use one liveset per songs, thus Mira would disconnect and reconnect when the next liveset is opened. I’ll make so tests simulating heavy usage.

On a side note, does anyone is Lemur is able to remotely change its “configurations” or whatever it’s called. Like, each liveset would send a Program Change to Lemur or an OSC message that would tell Lemur to load a specific set of settings ?

Oh yeah, using one set per song does make things a bit more complicated I guess. Is there a huge advantage for doing that? I’ve never found a good reason to do down that route.

As for Lemur, if you want to just replace the faders and buttons you can create a container and make it tabbed, then its just a matter of changing the tab via OSC. I did this for the first version of CV Toolkit and it worked quite well.
I don’t think it’s possible to change the actual settings (like MIDI, OSC settings, Skins, etc) via OSC tho.

I do one set per song…because I do ! I have billions of reasons to do this (different routings, MIDI mappings specific to livelooping different in each songs, huge differences of amount of tracks, etc, etc, etc…) I couldn’t stick to one liveset.
The tab idea for Lemur is interesting ! And I could consider the same concept in Mira, loaded from plain Max in the background (I’m using IAC bus to send MIDI from Mira, and I already use Max in the background for my own setlist loader-which has a very different goal from your app).

i did an installation with them a while ago
i only assume its gotten way better :slight_smile:

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What do you mean, could you elaborate please ?

oh sorry
i did a 30 day installation where visitors to the gallery could use MIra to interact with a JItter Patch and Audio

fwiw I use Mira a lot for live performance (iPad Pro /USB connection) and very very rarely have any connection issues.

I do think on repeated disconnection/connections (rapidly) though you may see the same machine mentioned twice (or more)

Thanks, and what issues did you encounter ?

Thanks, that’s encouraging.
I encounter frequent disconnections when creating/editing max for live devices. But if it’s stable for playing, that’s ok.
I’m also experiencing loss of the USB connection if I switch the wi-fi on or off, and maybe it happened with Gmail trying to connect to collect my mails (?) once.
It’s sometimes hard to get the connection working again after it disconnects, I really don’t want this to happen during a show.